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Power Supply doesn't work with HD plugged in

By lynnbramwell66 ·
Hi there,

So, I replaced my power supply but when reconnecting everything, the computer won't boot up with Harddrives plugged in. It starts find without the HD plugged in. I have 4 separate HD and have tried plugging each of them into the power supply by themselves and when I hit the power button, nothing happens. Could it be something on the Mobo that has died?

Please help!

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I wonder

by The 'G-Man.' In reply to Power Supply doesn't work ...

if the new supply is as powerful as the old one?

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Good idea!

by lynnbramwell66 In reply to I wonder

I should have said that the reason for changing powersupply was because the computer wouldn't boot up. Actually, the new powersupply is 50 watts more and a much better brand.

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OK, so the computer wouldn't boot BEFORE the PS replacement....

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Good idea!

... so, what makes you think it's a problem between the PS and HDD now, as the title to your original post indicates.

The motherboard is shot.

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Shot mobo!

by lynnbramwell66 In reply to OK, so the computer would ...

I was afraid of that and already started my next build. Guess I just wanted someone to comfirm it. Thanks for your suggestions and ideas! I'll still be checking this thread if anyone has any other ideas. Thanks!

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