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Power Supply Failure?

By ngen255 ·
Hi all, recently I've been getting an error message from my video card that there isn't enough power going to my vid card? I've had it for a couple months now and it just started...I haven't done anything or changed anything. My vid card is a MSI Nvidia 6600GT

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by korgmeister In reply to Power Supply Failure?

you have to make sure your motherboard voltage for (AGP slot only) isnt 1.5v, because mostly the video card for AGP slot is 3v if i am not mistaken.

if your motherboard is using PCI-Express slot. you should check the BIOS setting and make sure it matches the setting for your video card.

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by ngen255 In reply to

how exactly do I check the voltage?

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by TheChas In reply to Power Supply Failure?

How big is your power supply?

And what other components do you have in your system?

MSI recommends a minimum of a 350 watt supply for this card.

If you have multiple hard drives, multiple CD drives, multiple case fans, lots of RAM, case lights, or a power hungry CPU, you would need even more power.

I myself would install a 500 watt or larger power supply for a system that would complement this powerful of a video card.

If you have a big power supply, then my first suspect would be the motherboard.
Coupled with cooling.

Your motherboard has several voltage regulators on it. If the regulator for the PCI Express bus is overheating, it may be dropping the voltage and causing the card to report a problem.

An additional cooling fan that blows air over the power regulator section of your motherboard may be all that you need.

One way to check is a system monitor utility such as MBM.

If you have a supported motherboard / chip-set, MBM will provide detailed information on how your system is operating.


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by ngen255 In reply to

I have a 500 Watt PowerMagic power supply...and my video card is AGP.

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by wcp In reply to Power Supply Failure?

The video card needs to be connected to a regular power plug from the power supply.

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by ngen255 In reply to
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by sgt_shultz In reply to Power Supply Failure?

check this out: you are supposed to have additional power connector to that card, not just slot power...
After installing my NVIDIA based graphics card drivers, on startup, I get an error message stating "The NVIDIA System Sentinel is reporting that the NVIDIA powered graphics card is not receiving sufficient power."

This error message is generally caused by not plugging an external power source from your power supply into the back of your graphics card.

On some AGP NVIDIA based graphics cards, on the back of the card, you will find a 4-pin molex connector. Take an used cable from your computers power supply, and plug it into your graphics card 4-pin connector.

If you have a PCI Express graphics card, the power connector will look different in that it is 6-pin rather than the 4-pin found on AGP graphics cards. You will need to connect the 6-pin cable from your computers power supply to the connector on the graphics card.

If you have an older power supply which does not feature a 6-pin PCI Express cable, then you will need to purchase a dual 4-pin to 6-pin PCI Express adaptor.

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by ngen255 In reply to

I already made sure that the power connector was connected.

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by grantpaitz In reply to Power Supply Failure?

Put the graphics card on its own dedicated line from the powersupply. Make sure that no other devices are plugged in on the chain above or below it. Many powersupplies these days are coming with dedicated lines from the powersupply because of problems like these

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by ngen255 In reply to

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