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    power supply fun!


    by markschu ·

    Here we go again! : ) I have asked Intel this question and they have sent me 800 documents which will take me 40 years to read. In other words, I can’t find the answer.

    Concerning my motherboard which is a Dell (I cringe every time I write that word now, lol) with an Intel i945G chipset. I need to know if there is a MAXIMUM voltage continuous power PS that I can upgrade to. Or, if I can just go ahead and put a larger one in (my Dell OEM PS is 275V) that will cover enough power for my new video card (needs at least a 300V or 350 not sure) and new monitor, etc.

    In other words, are you ok using ANY larger PS (that you can fit) as long as you don’t UNDER power your system and that is adaptable with your motherboard (this matters as well, right?)

    Thanks again, guys!

    (and THANKS OH SMEG for the Dell motherboard adapter!!!)

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      by markschu ·

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      A larger power supply is fine

      by ken ·

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      Um… I believe you meant to say Maximum wattage. (voltage times current)Your voltage is 120 VAC. A larger wattage won’t hurt.
      . They quality of the power supply is a major issue as to how long it will last, how well the DC voltage is controlled and may even affect the life of your motherboard. If it fails “short” then the AC could go to your motherboard and destroy it. I like Antec ( they give a 3 year warranty. The longer warranty suggests a better quality product.
      check out this site

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      Curses I got mentioned again and it makes me sound NICE. :(

      by oh smeg ·

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      As the above poster has already said the Rating is measured in Wattage or W so as there is no country in the world that uses 275 Volts I’m assuming that you have a 275 W Power Supply which sounds about right for a Dell.

      Anything that actually fits in the case and is of a greater Power Ratting will do the necessary job but as the above poster has already said not all Power Supplies are created Equal some are much better than others and at the risk of giving a skewed idea of what is best I personally only use Antec Power Supplies as well. These are rated to a Constant Power and are the minimum power that they actually can produce they will Peek out much higher for short periods of time.

      So you can purchase a PS of the quality of an Antec that is rated to 300 to 350 W or a Unbranded one rated to 450 or 500 W that will do a similar job and provide the necessary power. What is a good idea of how good a PS actually is, is when you connect one to a UPS with the same or similar Rating a 350 W Antec PS will constantly drive a 300 W UPS over the edge but a 550 W Unbranded PS will work normally and not cause the UPS any problems. Sorry I can not suggest any other brands as I’m in AU and only buy these from 1 Wholesaler because the rest are rubbish which are not worth what I pay for them let alone the Retail Price of the things.

      I’m sure that there are other brands that are as good it’s just that the suppliers that I buy from don’t sell them so I only use Antec for this reason. They are considerably heaver than Unbranded Power Supplies and have superior everything inside them from Better quality Heat Sinks to Fans and electrical components. The down side is that they cost more than the cheap units but I consider this money well spent as you get much better protection for your Data and when it’s all said and done the Data is what is the expensive stuff on any computer. Everything else can be replaced in an hour if necessary but recovering Data is horrendously expensive if the user doesn’t have a Backup that isn’t constantly connected to the computer. It also takes much longer to recover that it does take to replace the hardware.

      OH BTW I’m nasty it’s HAL 9000 who’s the Nice one. 😉

      [i]edited[/i] because I’m an idiot as well and can not tell the difference between a r and a d.

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        ?????? WTF??????

        by the scummy one ·

        In reply to Curses I got mentioned again and it makes me sound NICE. :(

        Hmmm, I must disagree
        “OH BTW I’m nasty it’s HAL 9000 who’s the Nice one.”

        The HAL 9000 unit has malfunctioned big time. So Oh Smeg,
        are you just trying to see if giving yourself a ‘bad boy’ rep
        will make you liked??? :^0

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          No the above is making me sound way too nice

          by oh smeg ·

          In reply to ?????? WTF??????

          For my own good. :p

          People might start to [b]Actually Like Me.[/b] If that was to continue. :^0

          And the HAL 9000 unit is only considered to be malfunctioning because it’s [b]NICE & Helpful[/b] to people. Everyone knows that computers are not [b]Nice[/b] they are nasty and horrible and cause all types of problems. B-)

          Col ]:)

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          What are you afraid of?

          by nicknielsen ·

          In reply to No the above is making me sound way too nice

          If people think you’re nice, that’s [u]their[/u] problem.

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      Now that you have your adaptor

      by rob miners ·

      In reply to power supply fun!

      Have a look at these to give you a guide. I would be looking at 550-650 Watts.

      Antec Models:


      TruePower Quattro


      TruePower Trio


      Prices vary so I am sure that you will find something within your budget.

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