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Power supply help (again)

By markschu ·
Hey guys. I have asked some questions concerning upgrading my Dell power supply before and I could use some more help.
I have a Dell XPS 200 which is a small form factor case and the PS is 275W. There is NO larger PS that will fit this case, and I am not ready to build a new system, as I spent close to $1500 on this system in 2006. It has a 3.2 GHZ dual core with 3GB of RAM and I also just put in a 1TB HDD so I do not want a new system for a couple of years again.
I have also upgraded the video card to an ATI HD 2400 PRO which is supposed to require a 300W PS but runs fine most of the time. What happens is, whenever I use my Microsoft XBox 360 wireless adapter (usb) or sometimes when I am running Beyond TV (resource HOG), my computer will shut down. I know this is because I am drawing too much power and my PC is getting too hot and then failing. If I am just running basic programs, it runs fine.
What I am going to do is buy a larger PS (with the Dell PS adapter) and connect it outside my case. I realize this is probably slightly dangerous, but I have no other options left (thanks Dell).
I'm thinking I will gorilla tape (strong duct tape) it to the top of my case and buy longer cables if necessary. I am not worried about anyone getting electrocuted (except myself of course, lol) because, I live alone and no one really comes in close contact with my PC. I also have a air compressor in my shop and open and dust my PC weekly, if not almost daily.
I would like some advice, however, if anyone has ever done something like this (installed a PS outside of their case) and can give me some help or pointers. Or, if there are other options to increase my power so I can avoid anymore power failures.
Thanks guys!

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You could try

by santeewelding In reply to Power supply help (again)

Living within your means.

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by markschu In reply to You could try

What are you my mother? Oh, and I would never take advice from a CEO. I think you and your ilk have ruined the philosophy of "living within your means" for the next couple of generations at least. Jagoff...

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Eat your peas.

by santeewelding In reply to WTH???

And don't be in such a hurry that you leave out appropriate punctuation after your first, "you".

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by john3347 In reply to You could try

Santee, is using a bit of ingenuity to avoid unnecessary expense not an obvious attempt (and accomplishment) at living within the person's means. What would you recommend the person do; Go out and buy a several hundred dollar item on credit?

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by santeewelding In reply to Whaaaat??

Bolting the MB to the top of his desk, where he can keep an eye on it, and run the longer connections the other way, without buying a new case, is where this thing seems to be heading.

I regret only that I did not suggest he also reason within his means, rather than endlessly try the patience of so many good folks.

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I would ask that you leave...

by markschu In reply to No

...the conversation any time. I do not WANT or NEED your opinion on this matter. These good folks CHOSE to HELP me. they are not interested in condescending, judging, or preaching, which is about all you seem capable of contributing. I also do not give two shits if my punctuation is correct nor do I like ******* peas. Go find another board to haunt.

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As you lament

by santeewelding In reply to I would ask that you leav ...

I am CEO. You are not.

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from the looks of this place...

by markschu In reply to As you lament
I would think it stands for: Couldn't Educate Oneself...

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by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to from the looks of this pl ...

your ass is showing.

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I don't know about that

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to from the looks of this pl ...

If that Anvil is a sample of their Work I'm impressed no obvious repair at all.


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