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    power supply issue


    by islandtech ·

    I recently replaced the power supply and case. The new power supply tested out fine when I hooked it up to the system in the old case. However, when I moved everything over to the new case and try to boot up, I get nothing. I get no sound coming from the motherboard. In other words, now sign of life. Any ideas?

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      Power Supply.

      by rbergancia ·

      In reply to power supply issue


      Make sure that every thing is plugged-in correctly, another thing is the wattage of the new P/S compared to the old one. If you got a alower wattage for the new on, probably the MoBo needs more juice.

      Good Luck

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      Dead Power

      by microbuff ·

      In reply to power supply issue


      Before you think the supply is not ok, check the following:

      1.) Check the Motherboard standoffs and make sure your not shorting out. Many times when you move a motherboard into a new case or even shift it a little you can short some of the lead on the underside of the board. Also check CPU, Ram EVERYTHING anything can get moved and out of place. If moving and checking don’t help, then remove the motherboard from the case and see if you can power it up outside the case only need the videocard, cpu & ram. ALSO DON’T FORGET MAKE SURE YOU HAVE THE POWER LEADS CONNECTED CORRECTLY: On a AT Black leads are in the center and a ATX make sure you have the Soft Power or Power Lead ( Should be marked ) connected to the correct pinouts on the motherboard!!!!!

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        power supply

        by maddiuex ·

        In reply to Dead Power

        Microbuff makes a great reply, may want to check the power lead connection from the on/off switch, if it is correct. hook the reset cable to the power on connection to the system board to see if the switch is bad.

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