Power Supply Issue?

By Heian ·
Everytime I power up the PC, I have to tap the switch, toggle off then on the Power supply, and then power on the PC again. Is this a problem with hardware, IE.video the power supply unit or the board (something needs to be configured)? Power supply: Case Gears-480w PS Black Steel, Board-ECS, Harddrives(2)-IBM Deskstar 40.0gb, Video-NvidiaGeoforceFx 5200-256, Memory-Kingston Hyper512x2 with HeatSinks, AMD64 3200, not sure what else you may need...if you need more for analysis pls. ask!!! Appreciate any suggestions.

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Mobo-ECS 755-A2

by Heian In reply to Power Supply Issue?

Sorry, forgot to list!

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Sounds like a bad switch

by Mayhem1969 In reply to Power Supply Issue?

Sounds like a bad switch on the PS.

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Thumbs up or down?

by Heian In reply to Sounds like a bad switch

Does this mean, new power supply or are there steps to "fix" this one?

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Slow Turn On

by TheChas In reply to Power Supply Issue?

I have had 3 different power supplies fail with this type of behavior as the first sign over the past year.

What is happening is that either one voltage is coming up low, or out of proper sequence. Either can prevent the motherboard from starting the boot process.

Just make sure you buy a supply that is at least as high a quality as the one you have.


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New behavior...

by Heian In reply to Slow Turn On

I've just moved the PC from it's home location to my office and now it starts every time that I try to boot it. Very surprising, it's been acting (the way that I described it) like this for months. Since that space wasn't used very often it wasn't that big of an issue, now it is.

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Check Line Voltage

by TheChas In reply to New behavior...

I would compare the AC power line voltage between the 2 locations. If you don't know how to do this, find a friend who is into electronics or is an electrician.

My guess is that you will find your house voltage is several volts lower than at the office.

Of course, it is also possible that while transporting the computer a weak connection became better.

My guess is that the voltage in your house is 5 volts lower than at the office.


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Knocked something?

by Mayhem1969 In reply to New behavior...

I agree with Chas, I think since it started happening (didn't always do it while at home) and now it doesn't (in the office) you might have knocked it tight (as opposed to loose). Unless you overloaded that circuit at home, I don't think that would be it. Of course, it could be an overload (or underload) and your PS could be resetting to prevent damage. Also, I think at work your probably running off 20 amp circuits as opposed to 15 at home. However, unless you overloaded that circuit I don't see how that would matter. ****, its a personal computer for home use, right? I'd keep an eye on it. I suspect you will have problems down the road.

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Fire or What?

by Heian In reply to Slow Turn On

When you say the supplies went bad, do you mean went out or burned up and ruined the Mobo?

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No Boot

by TheChas In reply to Fire or What?

Eventually, the power supply reached the point where the computer would not boot.

Even though, the power supply tested fine with a power supply test box.

Still, I got lucky that the supply did not fail in a catastrophic manner.


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