power supply jack loose - wont charge - losing power

By phillyflashV ·
My power jack on the inside of my CQ62 is loose and is not charging the battery when chord is plugged in. The light indicator comes on for a second and then goes off as screen gets dark, etc. I've read some fixes about soldering the pin and there are some 'how-to' videos on youtube BUT I've also heard a few people say they took their system into "Computer ER" who fixed it for only $30. Is this true? I ask because other people have said it will cost more than a new laptop to fix. Who do I believe? And is there any other options or causes what the problem may be? Thanks for your help and time!!

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Worth fixing

by gechurch In reply to power supply jack loose - ...

If the DC jack is loose then the cause will just be the wiggling that happens from contstantly plugging in and removing the cable.

I'd be surprised if anyone (except a mate) can fix it for $30. You should be able to get a replacement part for less than $10 on eBay, but normally you have to pull the whole laptop apart to get to the DC jack. I'm not the greatest laptop repair guy in the world, but it takes me about 45 minutes to get it all open and about the same to put everything back together again. If yopu include time to test and solder the new jack in place, I'd think even a really good repair guy would take 1.5 hours.

The CQ62 laptop is unremarkable, but new enough. It'd cost you a fair bit to replace (plus you'd have to transfer your files and set up the replacement machine). I think it's definitely worth considering getting the DC jack replaced. If I were you I'd take it into a local repair shop and ask for a quote.

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