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Power supply/Motherboard problems.

By moto_16_m ·
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GA-K8NS Ultra 939 mother board

I had just plugged in my camera and for some reason the computer?s mouse quit working. I didn?t find this all that strange because both the mouse and camera work on USB. I figured if I rebooted the computer the problem might go away. When I did so the computer other than the mouse not working went through a normal shutdown. However, I had selected restart from the menu, and rather than boot back up the computer did nothing. I then waited a second and hit the power button again, and the computer did nothing.

Today I took it apart and started looking at it. I tested the power supply, and switch that connects to the mother board. Both tested out fine. Also something strange I noticed was that when I used to unplug my computer from the wall and plug it back in every thing was spin up for a fraction of a second. It is no longer doing that while connected to this mother board, but does when connected to others.

Things I have done
1. tested power supply and switch
2. blew out all the dust (with dry air)
3. inspected for any burned up looking components (I was a gone a few days so I might not have smelt it)
4. Removed BIOS battery and shorted the terminals to try to clear any funny memory problem it could be having.

The computer does absolutely nothing when you hit the power button.

My hunch is something burned up that switches on the power supply from the motherboard, but the computer was basically working find when I shut it down so I'm about 99% sure software is not a fault.

Does anyone know if there is a fix to a hardware problem like this Without buying a new mother board? I have a fair amount of experience working on integrated circuits. Tell me where to put the jumper wires and I can a handle it.

What would happen if I hotwired the power supply to turn on while connected to the motherboard? Would it cause damage to the other components like my processor or hard

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by patl In reply to Power supply/Motherboard ...

Hi, I just came across your problem, with any problem that you cant find with hardware I always remove all cards and power to not needed items ie, cdrom, floppy and just start with the motherboard and video card and power back on and see if you get any beeps and work back up to trace the problem. Always check that all conects are sound and push the BIOS chip down a lttle (Chip creep).
But I think that if you remove the power supply cable from the motherboard and if need remove the CPU and place them with the power diconnected.

Let me now how you get on. Cheers Pat

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by moto_16_m In reply to

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by 3xp3rt In reply to Power supply/Motherboard ...

Is the power button connected right to motherboard? This can be a fault. Or try to shortcut for a moment the two pins, where are connected the power switch. If this is working, the problem is the power switch.

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by moto_16_m In reply to

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Power supply/Motherboard ...

My first guess would be Power Supply but as you say it works in another unit you're only other option is the M'Board here.

Gigabyte have a 3 Year Warranty on all their recent released M'Boards so if the unit is under 3 years old I would return it for Warranty Replacement being a 939 Chip Set Board it should be covered by Gigabytes Guarantee though the local supplier may have to send it to Gigabyte for replacement.


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by fungus-among-us In reply to Power supply/Motherboard ...

Sounds like you've tested everything I would have. Yes, you can "hotwire" the atx power supply (pin 14 - green wire = PS-ON to any GRND wire), but by doing so, you CAN damage more components. If your motherboard is the culprit, it has done it's job. It shorted out and is preventing any current from flowing to the rest of the system. I'd follow HAL's advise, and contact the people you've purchased from or GigaByte directly for a RMA.

Good Luck

P.S. If the problem started after a USB device was plugged in... check the area around the USB port (if it was connected to the I/O plate), or the USB headers. Look for discoloration on the PCB near the header connection and/or port. (I had an Abit IC7-Max fry out header 5-6, external USB port on tower case was wired incorrectly.)

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