Power Supply/ Motherboard

By theveteransvoice ·
My computer's power supply went out while I was using the computer. I bought a new power supply(500 watt Themotake) and installed it. Now the computer will come on, but will not boot up. The CPU fan is on and turning. The other little fans are turning on the mobo, but the fan at the front of the computer does not work, and the power button will not shut the computer down. The drives do not work either. None of the peripherals work. They are green for maybe a second, before turning orange again. How can I tell if it is my motherboard?

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First thought....

by ---TK--- In reply to Power Supply/ Motherboard

would be to replace the motherboard... If it was another bad PS or the PS is not strong enough nothing would turn on (including the fans).

Before you get to that point, look at the motherboard and check all the compositors and see if any of them have been poped. The tops normally are streight across (with an x) and if there are any that are bulging or leaking then the mombo is shot. I would also test the RAM, remove all your ram look at them physically and see if there are any burn marks or anything abnormal about them, and test one stick at a time.

When you test stuff, pull the Power cord, from the box, and hold down the power button, this will discharge the box and drain any power left in the system (safest way to work on a box). do this before you pull any parts out of the box, you don't want to accidentally fry your system if it can be avoided.

Thats all I have for now, post up and let us know if any of this helped.

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by theveteransvoice In reply to First thought....

I really appreciate you taking the time to answer.
I have another computer that needs the power supply updated, and I will now know how to be sure the system is discharged:&gt

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Start from scratch

by LarryD4 In reply to Power Supply/ Motherboard

Unplug all hardware from motherboard except power supply. Just leave the RAM in and turn on the PC.

If the motherboard is working correctly you should receive a beep indicating the POST is starting. If you do not hear anything and the same happens, you either have a bad "new" power supply, or a shorted MB. My gut instinct already, is you have a bad MB.

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by theveteransvoice In reply to Start from scratch

I really appreciate the info.
I took the computer in to the local shop here and he hooked some sort of diagnostic tool up to the motherboard; it gave the code FF. I guess that means Fried, Fried. That's what he said anyway. However, he said he would replace it with the same motherboard for $100. This leads me to another question. With the new mobo, will I be able to access my e-mail that was stored in my Vista mail?
Or are they lost forever?

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