power supply problems

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i have an antec 360 Watt power supply on my computer, and one day it suddenly turned off for no reason, then a second later came back on, and immediately continued alternating on and off every second or two. I don't know if this is a motherboard issue, or a power supply issue. naturally i'm assuming it's a power supply issue, because the power supply is way cheaper than a new motherboard

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Swap it

by Toivo Talikka In reply to power supply problems

The simplest thing is to get a new 400W power supply and try it. If it is turning on and off in quick sequence, it is not going to be very good to your PC at all.

How stable is the power in general in the place where you are? Are the lights flickering as well, or are your neighbours experiencing similar things?

If your PC is turning on immediately after it has turned off, you could go to the BIOS and change the setting for the situation when AC is restored. If the automatic restore is selected, whenever the mains power is off and is subsequently, the PC turns on automatically. You may want to turn off this feature until you sort out what causes the alternating on and off.

Depending on the version of BIOS and the manufacturer of the PC, you will need to press for example the Del key, or F10 a couple of times immediately after you power on the PC - if you get a chance in your situation. The instruction how to go to the Setup will flash on the screen briefly during the power-on sequence.

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replace it

by Jesus_C In reply to power supply problems

with a more powerful power supply

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