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power supply question

By isbill ·
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ok i built a pc for a friend about 2 years ago, and recently moved away. Last week the power supply burned up and i told him it would be after christmas before i could get down their and fix it, so he decided to take it to a local shop because he wanted it back sooner. the shop owner said he put one in and it burnt up within 2 hours of testing so he replaced it again and the samething happened. now he want to change it again.
1. can a motherboard burn up a power supply? I thought it worked the other way around.

2. if not what could cause this problem?
i was thinking that it might be because the teck was puting in to small of a power supply.

thanks for any suggestions

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Yes, a MOBO can roast a power supply

by mjd420nova In reply to power supply question

One thing you need to look at is why the MOBO is taking out the power supply. Maybe it's just a dislodged insulating washer on the underside of the MOBO or dirty connections on the P/S cable or plug in slots. Or you're just under-powering the unit.

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Any Short Circuit can toast a PS

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to power supply question

But if the unit is working properly for a few hours I would be asking first what is the Brand of the PS that is being destroyed? & What is the Power Rating?

If the shop is using a small PS it can burn out quite quickly if there is enough load on it.


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