power supply replacement issues

By ev_walker ·
Recently replaced the power supply in a Dell dimension 8200 I had that ceased to turn on. Now the CPU will power on but the system will not boot and the monitor doesn't activate. There is a series of beeps: five long ones followed by a pause and five-six more long beeps although not quite spaced evenly. Obviously the BIOS isn't loading, but I'm not sure why. The old psu was a Dell model 250w atx12v (v1). I replaced it with a similar new 500w atx12v with all the correct connections etc. Does anyone know if this problem is due to an incompatible power supply? I've read some articles that say that some Dell psus can only be replaced with Dell parts, but everything looks to be good connection-wise, so I don't know what the problem would be. This Dell mobo isn't one that requires the dell psu adapter cable that I've seen on some sites, its just a standard atx 20 pin connection. I find lots of ads for "replacement psu for Dell computers" that are upgrades for the original Dell psu model #, but I just don't see what the difference would be and I don't want to buy another psu if the one I have just purchased will do the job.

Any and all help appreciated.

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RAM chip

by andrewchristiandc In reply to power supply replacement ...

Usually a series of beeps is a RAM problem. Test it with another RAM chip.

Of course, if your problem is that your new power source is nuking RAM chips, then you've just lost another RAM chip. Hmmmmm.

Let me know if this doesn't fix the problem.

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dell only

by joseluishernandez In reply to power supply replacement ...

use only power supply from dell
that's why I dont like pc's from dell
but i do like their monitors '
= )

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