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Power Supply Vs Motherboard

By roguekiwi ·
FUN! problem which I came across in a board I have! Desktop INTEL 815AAE
combo board! Brand NEW!

Problem: power supply Blew up! Twice!

after it went the first time,Sound died
on the motherboard,the board acted as if the onboard sound card did not exist.

A new sound card fixed the sound problem.A month later,The replacment power supply Blew also!
My theory is the Motherboard 3.3 volt
standby supply was loaded down to the max by a problem on the motherboard causing the power supplyto fry after around a month!
I came to this theory in this way!
when replacing the old power supply I noticed the supply WAS running HOT!yet the Motherboard seemed to be ok!
everything worked fine,Video,Hard drive and Cd ...except for the sound!With the
new supply it worked for a month,then died! My local Pc store whom sold me the board said this was impossible,could not happen cause the Supply has SHORT protection!(grin)
What do you think?
I am a Tech also!


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Power Supply

by danayen In reply to Power Supply Vs Motherboa ...

I believe we need mor info like were you running more then one 7200 RPM Drive we have been having problem with power supplies failing when two 7200 RPM drives are running
seem the 250 W are realy 130 W I correct problem by bying 350 W.

Dan Ayen
Tech Support TriStar LTC

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Re: Power supply problem

by roguekiwi In reply to Power Supply

Hi! after looking at one of the fried supplies! I found it was NOT the 3.3v BUT the
5v 1 Amp STANDBY supply!
All the board in that area was brown with the heat generated,and one resistor fell out from the heat!

Both Supplies were 300 watt unit!

My pet theroy was the MB was drawing close to the 1 amp rating,and after a while died..
The System was NOT running at the time it died!

The MB was an Intel Desktop 815E chipset
running a Celeron 400..all that was on the board was a AGP card(matrox 450)and a Sound card,that replaced the onboard one when the last power supply blew!
the Hard drive was a 20gig ATA33 WD
and a CD-Rom drive
..and the Friend at the mom & pop joint STILL
thinks the problem was something else,that the powersupply is too well protected(grin)
His reasoning is the Motherboard is not getting hot anywhere!


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