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power supply went "BANG"

By Shanghai Sam ·
The computer was recently on for a good period of time (a few hours) and then properly shut down. About 10+ minutes after the computer had been off, I noticed the 2 LEDs on the front blink on and off twice (this may have happened more prior to me walking by and noticing). Next thing.. a BANG! came from the computer and a billow of smoke came out the back. I immediately pulled the plug. I first check for fire and once I determined the system was safe to pull out from the hutch, I opened it and looked for a cause. There were no scorch marks on the MB or connectors. I located the burny smell to be coming from inside the power supply. I pulled the power supply (again no burn marks on the mb where the connectors hook up). Now, my question is: Do you think that BANG (which someone said may have been the transformer in the power supply) fried the system? So far I have only attempted to test the hard drive in another system, with no luck. The hard drive not only does NOT show up in BIOS, but also causes the CD burner on the same controller not to show up (HD master & burner slave). I am very familiar with jumper settings and was able to have another hard drive show up. The hard drive in question is a 17.2 Gig Seagate (whichI read on this site may have compatibility issues). Any help would be greatly appreciated! The computer is my fiance's and she is hoping this isn't going to turn out to be her hard lesson in the importance of backing up files (like half a semesterof seminary!)

Other info: the computer is an Athlon 750 with a 300w power supply. The computer is only 18 months old and is not used that hard.

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power supply went "BANG"

by Shanghai Sam In reply to power supply went "BANG"

Bangs are never good when they eminate from a computer, assuming the speakers were turned off. Yes, the bang probably fried your system and probably came from a capacitor popping. Does the Seagate drive even spin up when you connect it to the other system? The motor in it uses 12-volts to spin and that may be the voltage that 'popped'. If the drive doesn't spin up, it's doubtful that you'll ever get any data off of it. And even if it does spin up but isn't detected, along with the CD burner daisy chained to it, then you still have a major problem. The only thing that may save you is finding another 17.2 gig Seagate drive that works. The PC board that's mounted on each of the drives can be removed and swapped. If the board is the problem then you'll be able to retrieve your data. Now, how to get another 17.6 Gig Seagate drive to try it with. The drive probably still has a manufacturer's warranty. If Seagate does advance replacements, get them to send you a replacement drive that you can experiment with. Swap the board and see if the drive detects. If it does, copy the important data off, put the drives back to their original state and send Seagate the bad drive. Good luck.

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