Power supply wires..where do they go??

By tim_hardwick ·
I was looking at my cousins computer(Gateway GT5028 Media Center) and just found out that his power supply was replaced, but the technician who did it didn't plug it back up to the necessary components. Now he has wires labeled P1, P2, P3 etc coming out the power supply, could anybody point me in the right direction?

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You don't need no stinking labels....

by JamesRL In reply to Power supply wires..where ...

The nice thing about PSU connectors is that they make different shaped ones depending on the function, so its pretty hard to mess them up.

The largest one goes to the MB. Thats because the MB uses alot of power - it powers all the components on the board, plus CPU fans, some external USB devices etc.

If they are using a video card, check and see if it has a power plug. Some card won't start without them.

The connectors for drives are pretty straight forward.


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Be very, very careful here! ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Power supply wires..where ...

Consider this:

Whether the new PSU is the result of a 'paid-for' repair, or carried out under warranty - under contract law the repair has not yet been completed.

Therefore there is no way you can be sure that the PSU works or not.

Furthermore, if you connect all the cables back up and either:
1. The PSU doesn't work
2. The connections damage the mobo
3. You connect it up wrongly

...whatever occurs, the burden of onus immediately shifts from the repair technician to you.

If I were you, I would contact the technician forthwith, DO NOT CONNECT ANYTHING, and demand that the job be completed to the user's satisfaction. This would include booting the system and demonstrating that it functions properly.

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Why did you look?

by NickNielsen In reply to Power supply wires..where ...

If you looked because the PC wouldn't start, do exactly as Old Mycroft has said: return the PC to the tech immediately so he can finish the job. Make sure the tech shows your cousin the PC will boot and function properly before your cousin accepts it back.

If the PC actually works and you only looked because your cousin had the cover off, don't worry about the unused connectors. They are there for future expansion.

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what would you do??

by tim_hardwick In reply to Power supply wires..where ...

So after finding out about the condition of my cousins computer the first thing we did was storm back to the tech shop. After an unneccessary shout match between my cousin and the tech about who should do what..needless to say the tech refused to return the computer as it was given to him(wires plugged up and right panel sealed) because it was way past the warranty date. After asking my cousin the question, why he wants a computer with a bad motherboard plugged up so bad?? he explained to me that he just found out he had a FULL WARRANTY on his computer until June of 2008 through the store he bought it from, not gateway. Apparently, he had forgot about it and just found the paper. To my understanding his main concern is that when the tech from the store comes out to diagnose his computer and finds that its been already serviced by a third party, the warranty will voided!!..any suggestions on what we should do?...

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Get your cousin a better filing system

by NickNielsen In reply to what would you do??

And call the Better Business Bureau about the first tech. If your cousin took the PC to him for repair, the PC should have been returned in operational condition or your cousin not charged for the repair.

As for the store warranty being voided, that's a chance your cousin will have to take.

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Confiscate your cousin's supply of alcohol / drugs . . .

by OldER Mycroft In reply to what would you do??

Or whatever mind-altering substance is his medium of choice.

Forgettimg a warranty that still has 7 months to run is indicative of loss of short-term memory. That would give me cause for concern.

If the system case was secured by a security tab, that would require cutting off to gain access to the innards, plugging the PSU back up to the mobo is going to be of little use in persuading the store that the machine has NOT been interfered with.

I would think they'd also spot that the installation date of the PSU sticker doesn't match up either.

All round I'd say your cousin has got himself a lose-lose situation.

Mind you, if the tech initially had to unplug all the leads in order to remove the old PSU - he should have at least reconnected all the leads after installing the new PSU.

"Leave it as you found it" is not an unreasonable request. How the **** else is the tech gonna confirm that the repair was successful???

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