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power surge screwed my system

By winikeh ·
A nice lightning storm took out a tv in my apartment and my system. The TV gave a nice bang and started reeking so I know thats shot but the system was properly behing a surge protector and now something isnt allowing it to boot. I hope I don't need to buy a new board.

It just so happens that I had a power center doing surge protection. You know, one of those that sits under the monitor with the buttons to turn everything on and off individually. Now this is one those power centers that came with a guarantee of protection with money behind it. Unfortunately, I don't have the original material, or rather its lost somewhere, and in looking online I think the company, curtis computer products, doesn't exist or was swallowed by a company I can't find.

Anyways, the system gives the full appearance of running fine, lights go on, fans are spinning... but thats it. There are no beeps and I switched the video card with a known good one and tested the monitor on my laptop. Anyone have any ideas at a reasonable cost to get it up and running?

--Ari W.

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Power supply

by mjd420nova In reply to power surge screwed my sy ...

Power supply... check the power supply. Mostly
twelve volts. replace anyway.

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System Engineer

by salim In reply to Power supply

I had the same problem, I replaced the new power supply and does not work, I took the Processor out of the broken system and placed into new working system. Now system is giving me a beep on start but does not boot, It looks to me a Processor is dead.

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I Recently Had the SAME Problem

by anjl54 In reply to power surge screwed my sy ...

I recently had the same problem with Curtis Computer Products, Inc. I purchased it back in approximately 2007 - NOT knowing that the company had gone into bankruptcy in 2005. I searched for Curtis Computer Products, Inc for months - only to find out that they were a subsidiary of Esselte Corp. The parent company, Esselte, bankrupted Curtis, but did not honor ANY of the warranties. Curtis surge protectors are still - to this day - being sold online. The $25,000 LIFETIME EQUIPMENT WARRANTY is still being used as a selling feature. However, the legal department of Esselte said that the company is BK and that there is no one to honor their warranties.

I found that my EFI had the same problem, but THEIR legal department (parent company is Schneider Electric - www.schneider-electric.com) states that, IF there is surge damage in the surge protector itself, that they will in fact, honor the warranty.

Basically, it is a "Buyer Beware" type of situation with surge supressors and UPS boxes. I lost EVERYTHING! My desktop, video capture card, sound card, all of my recording rear - GONE! I have had **** getting someone to give me a quote for my homeowner's insurance (which is what Curtis told me to do - "Take it up with your homeowners insurance.") The legal department at Curtis' parent company said that they did not assume any of the liabilities. To date, there is no class action against this company - although there SHOULD be. A parent company has to approve the fact that the subsidiary is going to carry the warranty. They SHOULD be responsible FOR such a warranty.

Angie Monroe

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