power to agp

By Norehca ·
in the bios i notice theres an option to change the agp slots power comnsumption. It gives me two options, 1.5v, and 1.7v. Its currently at 1.5 and im wondering if it will hurt my card to try it at 1.7. I suspect my card may not be getting enough power. I have a 400watt psu and apparently it needs a 12v 30a something or other to power it. I just build computers im no expert on psu. In the user manual under +12v it only sais 16A max load. Now its working and pretty good so far. Just wondering if increasing the the wpoer of the agp would help or hurt.

Im guessing this will heat it up. My card is a VisonTek ATI Radeon X1950 XGE (256MB). It has an oversized copper heatsink covering nearly the whole card. Im not sure why they made it so large. They even mention themselves it is equipped with an "oversized" heatsink. Im wondering if increasing the voltage would help with my power problems.

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u could fry your card!

by Naw-yi In reply to power to agp

are u still having problems with the same card u wanted help with before? remember that card needed 12v 30a rail?

seems like your not getting good help .
are u still getting low scores with 3dmark 06?

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