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Recently I asked a question about my computer not booting up. I phrased it that way because I saw other similar questions. Maybe I should have said computer won't ?power? up. Any way that was before I registered. After I asked the question I got verification that my question was received and a Unique Message Number: 160737. I have now registered but can't find my question anywhere and not received any answers although I indicated that any answer could be e-mailed to me. Can someone help me find that question, where to find my message number, or even better yet tell me what I can do to resolve my problem. I have two computers that are exactly the same. One of them suddenly would not power up until several tries. If I pull the power cord and re-insert it, the fan starts and it looks like it is going to start, but after five or ten seconds it shuts down. Now it won't power up at all. The other computer started to do the same thing but after I finally got it booted, I now never shut it down and let it go into hibernation and have not had a problem since. Some solutions I have read talk about doing things in the CMOS but I can't get that far. Thanking anyone in advance for any help I get, I am,

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Sounds like a Power Supply Problem

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Power up

Depending on the make of these machines you may be able to use Generic Power Supplies that have a better Ratting and a Named PS that will protect the internals of the case in the event of something nasty happening but if you have a strange shaped PS you'll need to stay with the same unit and buy then from the original supplier generally at a greater cost than a Good Brand Name PS like Antec which very rarely has any problems.


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Thanks for your quick reply and concern

by ozeepat In reply to Sounds like a Power Suppl ...

Thanks for your quick reply and concern. The computer is an HP DM 168A. I have tried a new power supply.Problem still there. Also tried a different battery at the suggestion of HP tech.

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OK as I do a lot of HP Repair work for the retailers here

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Thanks for your quick rep ...

I know never to trust a HP Power Supply even though most are Propriety PS's and you need to use the HP units in everyday use I've always tested with a 450 W Antec True Power Power Supply which will not fit in the case but is a good starting point to work from.

The HP PS are under powered by quite a bit so even though you may have one work for some time there is no guarantee that it will continue to work. When I get these repairs my job is to fault find the machines and then give the Retailers a report so that they can get the necessary parts from HP to repair the systems.

On quite a number I've found that the HP Supplied PS are not up to the job and in one case after the PS had been swapped 5 times I got the machine to find out what was going on, I did all the normal things and then connected up the Antec PS and left the unit running for 5 days without a glitch. HP then had to find a PS that would drive this particular machine as that is what the problem was.

But once you have exhausted the possibility of a faulty Power Supply your only option left is the M'Board but from your original description of the way that things where going it really sounds like a PS problem.


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Thanks again

by ozeepat In reply to OK as I do a lot of HP Re ...

I thought that in my last post I mentioned that I tried another Power supply.Any other suggestions? I would like not to think it's the mother board because like I said, my other computer started acting the same way and now that I don't shut it down,it's working fine.

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