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By dwyone4 ·
i have an emacheines computer and it will power up but it won't boot direclty without a keyboard in the ps2 input.
the way that it does boot up is if i attatch and detach the mouse several times to get a connection.
the way i can tell if the computer will boot is when i see that indicator lights flash on five seconds after i turn the power on.
so i know it cant be me needing a new motherboard or power supply because everything works fine and is operational ie... cd/dvd roms usb inputs so on and so forth.

also a usb keyboard wont do the trick until after the system is started up.

need help. does anyone have an answer?

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Go into the BIOS and make sure "Legacy" is marked "enable".

In your bios go to the USB section and mark "Legacy" as "enable", then select "save and exit" to save your settings. Now reboot with both keyboards in, you should be able to use your usb keyboard. But DO NOT TAKE THE PS/2 KEYBOARD OFF, always shutdown the computer before you take off the ps/2 keyboard. You should be ok when the usb keyboard is found, if you have any software load this on as well.

Please post back if you have any more problems or questions.
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PS/2 devices are not hot-swappable !! ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Power up Problem

As such I would advise against "the way that it does boot up is if i attatch and detach the mouse several times to get a connection.."

They are not designed to be hot swappable. Hot swapping PS/2 devices usually does not cause damage due to the fact that more modern microcontrollers tend to have more robust I/O lines built into them which are harder to damage; however, hot swapping can still potentially cause damage on older machines, or machines with less robust port implementations.

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