Power up problem

By picots62422 ·
Computer is a fry's GQ084 with a ECS 741gx-m mobo, running an Athlon XP 2800 proc. Was running 1GB of memory@333mhz, 2700 ddr, mobo has two slots with a maximum of 2GB. Purchased 2 compatible 1 GB sticks and unit would only recognize 1.5 GB in multiple configurations: ie: 512kb+1gb, 1gb+512kb, etc. Unit was running on 2 sticks of 512kb. I was informed by supplier of new memory that the cmos had to be reset by removing the CR2032 battery on the mobo, and then replacing it, and reinsert the memory. I replaced the battery and now the unit will not start: not a peep, not a beep, no hd spin, no lites, no cd rom lites, etc. Power supply appears to be good; removed main power plug to mobo and used a paper clip to jump the black and green wires and then powered up unit. Both fans powered up, cd roms lit up, hard drives appeared to power up. What is my next step? Is power supply weak/dying? cmos battery dead, proc dead? Power button at front of case dead? Unit was running like a champ prior to this disaster. I know this is a cheaper computer, but it has served me well. Please help, I need it for business. Power supply is a Hopely atx-25b-p2 max output 250w

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I would get a new computer if i were you..

It seams that your computer is slowly giving up,, and this is the first indication. The next would be that it will not boot at all. You can install your drives in a new motherboard/case.
Hope this helps you.

Please post back if you have more problems or questions.

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not ready to purchase new computer

by picots62422 In reply to I would get a new compute ...

You say that it is slowly giving up, but as I mentioned earlier, there is not a peep, a beep, or anything. Do you think a replacement motherboard is the issue, and if it is, what is my best option for my processor? Or is it a power supply issue? Let's roll up our sleeves a bit and try to troubleshoot the issue here. I am open to suggestions, because I feel that this may or may not be a major problem. I"m not ready to dump this unit yet. Will a dead cmos battery prevent all functions during a boot attempt?

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The battery could be the cause..

Would not harm if you were to change it.
PLEASE WEAR a static wrist strap when doing this. And post back. The new cmos battery will change the functions in the bios, so you will have to go into the bios and reset it to the way you used to have it.

Please post back if you have more problems or questions.

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You might need to change the memory..

Settings in the bios for the computer to recognize the new memory.

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Will buy new battery

by picots62422 In reply to The battery could be the ...

Thanks for the tip, I am going out to purchase a new battery, and will make an attempt to reboot. I will check this post later. Any other suggestions, please post.

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Battery replaced

by picots62422 In reply to Power up problem

replaced battery and disconnected everything except case fans. Unit still will not power up. Retested power supply and once again used a jumper from the green wire to the black wire on the 20 pin connector. Voila, the case fans turned on. I also found voltage from the connector's black wire to the yellow (12v) and black to red (5v) Processor is secure in mobo and was never removed.

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check if Power supply reaches till M/b

by siddh_patel In reply to Power up problem

check if Power supply reaches till M/b. If yes then only display has gone. It can get repaired.

With Regards
Siddhpal Singh Patel

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power problem

by picots62422 In reply to check if Power supply rea ...

Hello, I am not sure what you mean by "power supply reaches till m/b?" Do you mean at the end of the 20 pin connector where it attaches to m/b? If yes, I believe it has power when I tested with a voltmeter at dc settings....

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Replace your old memory and check if it will boot..

If it does then it will be your new memory that is at fault. You might have to change it in the bios, but i very much doubt it. Try this and get back.

Please post back if you have more problems or questions.

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memory replacement

by picots62422 In reply to Replace your old memory a ...

Replaced old memory, one stick at a time. Nothing. Two sticks at a time, nothing. Tried to boot with no memory. Should have given me an error beep I believe... Ready to get the hammer out! Then give final rites and bury this *+!@#&. I ordered another mobo, cause I think its bad. Thanks everyone for all the help. I will reply later after replacement, yes I will wear an anti-static device....

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