Power up problem

By morsaman ·
My friend recently brought his system unit for me to look at. After a normal shutdown, the pc would not power up the next day. I initially thought it was a power supply problem. I took out the psu from my pc and tried powering his system unit on... nothing happened. I made sure that all necessary hardware were connected properly - even reseated cpu and heatsink. Still nothing. I noticed that the light at the back of the power supply is on but goes off as soon as i hit the power switch. Anyway, I got tired and put my psu back in my system unit. Then all of a sudden I have the same problem!!! The led on my MB is on but nothing happens when i hit the power switch!!! I am so frustrated. I really hope someone can help me out here.

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by rgautier In reply to Power up problem

Does the PSU have a changeable fuse? It's possible that your buddies MB tried to draw too much power and blew the fuse on his (and then your) PSU?

Something to check, anyway.

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i'll have a look

by morsaman In reply to Fuse?

I'll have a look and see if there is a changeable fuse in the psu. We both use 250w atx psu's. I might buy a psu with more power but I hope that doesn't die too. Is there any way that my friend's mb can be fixed? Will a new stronger psu do the trick? By the way, thank you for your time.

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RE: Is there any way that my friend's mb can be fixed?

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to i'll have a look

While anything is possible the reality of the situation here is that while it is repairable it's far more expensive to repair than replace.

Depending on what is wrong with that M'Board it may cost several thousand $ to repair where as if you spend $120.00 you can generally speaking buy a new M'Board. Though depending here on the actual M'Board in question it may no longer be possible to buy that type of M'Board new so you may have to hunt down a second hand one.


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new motherboard

by morsaman In reply to RE: [i] Is there any way ...

So it looks like the mobo is dead. I'll just get a gigabyte or asus socket 775 mobo and reinstall everything from scratch... after backing up his data first ofcourse. Thanx guys for your input. Have a nice one.

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You can do a Repair Install if you have a M$ Branded Install Disc

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to new motherboard

It might save you a bit of time if it works as suggested by M$.

You would have to reapply any Service Packs and Hot Fixes that became available after your Install Disc was made but even that is faster than reinstalling everything.

It works most times for me and just about always when a M'Board change was required. I still backup everything as I don't trust Windows all that much with Client Data but it does work most of the time at least.


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