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Power Users-How to find them

By HelpDesk-Virginia ·
We have over 350 computers on our network. From the Plant Manager to the poor shlups that are working 7/24. We are in a manufacturing environment. We need to get new computers and I am trying to find out who should get the processing power the new Dell 280s provide. What is the best way to guage a heavy user from a light-weight? What type of programs/usage can better use CPU and Memory?

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Ask them

by tagmarkman In reply to Power Users-How to find t ...

It will become pretty apparent who needs it. For example, a sales department usually doesn't need a high powered system, just one that is reliable.

Graphic Artist, Developers, and IT engineers tend to take the cake when it comes to the high powered systems.

In other words... take a look at the persons job. They might need to run a more elaborate program that they don't because their system is too slow. A support department that I absorbed was in that situation... they never upgraded software because the hardware couldn't handle it but looking at their CPU wouldn't have told me that.

My company also has a hand me down policy. GA, Dev, and IT always get the cream of the crop and the other groups get the older systems usually after a year or so.

The only exception and this might grow in the next year is when I switched over the entire sales department to blades. This turned out to be a great idea (Better physical security of boxes, better control, easier maintanance, etc...)

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Ask Them Reply

by HelpDesk-Virginia In reply to Ask them

Thank you for the reply. Maybe the question I should ask is what on your system makes you wait? Or what is your system doing when you have to wait on it? That is a different approach than what I was thinking.
We also bring new PCs in and shuffle down the replaced PC.

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Good Plan

by tagmarkman In reply to Ask Them Reply

Shuffle down is the best way to get the most out of you systems.

I think those questions would be good to ask them, you might also want to ask their managers what they "plan" on having on their system in the future.

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