Power/Video Problems?

By dinkey ·
Ok i've got a Compaq Model CQ5110F desktop with Vista 32bit install and 3gb memory. When the computer is on and running it works good. But sometime I've got problems getting it to start. I press the power button it turns blue like normal all the fans start like normal but after 15 seconds the CPU and Case Fans shut down Power Supply fan is still running and I have no video. Tried a new PS, video card memory even pulled out the modem. But get the same results it'll start up no problems then the next 2 or 3 times it won't then all of a sudden it will. I've tried unplugging the PS and holding in the Power button that seemed to work once or twice. I've unplugged the PS from the motherboard and that seemed to get it started once also. But another time I've tried doing the same things and get the above reaction the 2 fans shutdown and no video. Hopefully I've explained this well enough if not just let me know. I'll try to answer back as best as I can. Thank you in advance for any help and advice you may have. I'm actually thinking it may be an issue with the motherboard, but would like to see if anyone has any ideas I have not tried yet.

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First thing to check for is dust accumulation,

by wizard57m_cnet Moderator In reply to Power/Video Problems?

clean out the case if needed. Then check ventilation around the heat sinks, look for lint buildup especially on the CPU sink/fan. Clean if needed. Then check all the memory modules and other peripheral cards to be sure they are seated. If this doesn't help, have the motherboard checked for failing components.

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Also check the BIOS Battery

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Power/Video Problems?

When they start going flat you get some really screwy problems relating to not booting.


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Check for domed or leaking capacitors

by cpguru21 In reply to Power/Video Problems?

This has led to a lot of odd problems on motherboards/systems for me. Physical inspection first as always. then cables and connections. I have also seen faulty ram slots where the ram doesn't quite fit properly. The re-seating suggestion from wizard57 may help with that.

gosh it seems for a time there all dell optiplex series systems from 2005-ish that came in for troubleshooting had this issue. I know yours is a compaq but domed capacitors brought me back a bit....

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by dinkey In reply to Power/Video Problems?

Case is clean, blew out all dust and dirt when first noticed problem and opened the case. Reseated memory and add-on cards. Replaced Bios/Cmos Battery, I've looked over the motherboard there isn't any obvious domed or leaking caps. All cables where they should be, good and tight.

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Reponse To Answer

by cpguru21 In reply to Checked

That's great!

For the RAM, is it all the same mfg and size? sometimes mis-matched RAM can cause problems.

Beyond these things, if you cannot get the system to post (which appears to be whats going on here sometimes) then signs point to the mobo or video card.

You could also try to eliminate all but the essentials. The things you need for a basic system is Ram, Processor, Video, Power (and of course the mobo). If you can consistently get this to happen, try using just one stick of RAM in just one slot. If you get it to go black, switch to another slot.

My experiance tells me its a power related issue. Whether its the power supply (which you have already replaced) or an issue with the mobo, it may be hard to identify without swapping it out.

Good luck and post back if you figure it out!

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