Power went out, now no internet or sound on PC running Vista

By ShaggysMine ·
The breaker flipped on power running to my PC's and now the computer running Vista will no longer recognize the modem or connect to the internet. It has also lost all sound to the speakers and doesn't recognize them. I have another PC running Windows 7 and it is working fine and is able to get online. Any suggestions? .

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by TheChas In reply to Power went out, now no in ...

Check Device Manager and see if you have any devices with a yellow "?" or "!".

If so, you may need to reinstall device drivers, or a fresh reboot may fix it.

An easy way to force a drive update is to uninstall the device and then reboot so that Windows can find new hardware and install the driver again.

Have you tried a different set of speakers? Could be as simple as a power supply failure from the power surge.

You say can't find the modem? Do you connect directly to a cable / DSL modem, or do you connect through a router?

If a wired connection, it is not impossible that the port is damaged.

For a wireless connection, it is not impossible that the RF transmitter has failed.

Open network connections, and check the connection status. If you have no connection, check for any indicator lights an the Ethernet Jack, or the Wireless status light on the computer.

Post back with the make and model of your computer and any peripherals that are connected for the Internet connection.

One last thought, if you have an outlet strip that only some of your equipment is plugged into, make sure that the breaker on the outlet strip did not trip.


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by ShaggysMine In reply to Check

Okay, there are no yellow ? or ! in Device Manager and all says it is working and has the correct drivers.

The speakers work fine on the other PC I have on the same network as so does the ethernet and port on a router.

All the lights are on and the power strip has everything working. The Message for Audio Service Not Running says This computer cannot play audio because the Windows Audio Service is not enabled. Would you like to enable Windows Audio Service? When I click to yes and got to the Sound window it says Realtek Digital Output and Speakers are enabled/ There is a check on the speakers, but not on the Realtek icon.

The computer is an HP Pavilion a6110n PC. There os the monitor, wireless keybord and mouse, speakers and external harddrive that was not hooked up at the time it shut down.

Hope that answers your questions. I appreciate your time.

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Check Driver Versions

by TheChas In reply to Power went out, now no in ...


I have seen some weird problems when a Microsoft driver update is installed.

Open device manager and check that you have the correct driver versions as per the HP driver list for your computer.

You usually need to click on the driver details button to get the driver version.

Driver - Audio(?1)
Realtek High Definition Audio Driver Update
2008-03-01 , Version:, 12.34M

2007-06-20 , Version:, 1.08M
Summer 2007 original drivers for the NVIDIA LAN solutions.

If you have different driver versions, download the drivers from the HP website and transfer them to the computer.


Uninstall the device from device manager.

Then install the HP driver.


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Reponse To Answer

by ShaggysMine In reply to Check Driver Versions

Thanks so much for the information. When I uninstall these, a window pops up and has a box to check to delete the driver software for the device. Do I check it or leave it alone? Also, I am looking at uninstalling Realtek High Definition Audio and NIVIDIA nForce 10/100 Mbps Ethernet. Do those sound right? I just don't want to do the wrong thing so I want to ask first. Hope that's alright. I did download the drivers from the site and have them on the other PC so I will wait for your reply. Thanks

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by TheChas In reply to Power went out, now no in ...

Those are the correct two devices.

You can choose the option to uninstall the driver files as you have a new driver ready to install.

You might double check that the speakers are plugged into the correct jack, the green out jack.
Also, these are powered speakers. Most output jacks on computers can barely drive headphones and will not drive unpowered speakers.

For the network port, double check that the connection lights at the jack the cable plugs into turn on.

The more I think about this, the more I suspect that you had two hardware failures at the same time. Both the final output stage of the speaker out, and the Ethernet output.

Is it possible that the cables for both were pushed hard into the computer and damaged both jacks.

Still, it will not hurt to do a driver refresh.

But, if reinstalling the drivers does not fix the problem, there is a high possibility of a hardware problem.


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Reponse To Answer

by ShaggysMine In reply to Correct

Well, I either did it wrong or it is something worse. I hate that, but I guess I'll have to find a computer expert. Thanks so much for your time and help.

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Reponse To Answer

by Bapster In reply to Correct

Sounds like the Vista OS files got corrupted during the power outage. Try to run SFC /scannow (click START and in type that in the search box) and it will scan the system files for any corrupt files and replace if necessary.

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Reponse To Answer

by ShaggysMine In reply to Correct

Bapster, I clicked Start, then Run and when I typed in SFC /scannow and hit OK a small black DOS-like screen flashes, but then disappears. Is there anything else I can do? Thanks for this suggestion.

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goto a command prompt and type in sfc /scannow

by Bapster In reply to Power went out, now no in ...

Make sure you right click and run command or cmd
As Administrator and then try the sfc /scannow

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Reponse To Answer

by ShaggysMine In reply to goto a command prompt and ...

The message I got after typing in sfc /scannow as Administrator is "Windows Resource Protection could not start the repair service." =o(

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