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    PowerBI to SSRS report description migration


    by mani0525 ·


    We are currently using SSRS and intend to switch to a cloud/Azure installation of PowerBI; but, after performing the switch in our test environment, I’ve run across two problems that I can’t seem to fix and would appreciate help with.

    1. Is it possible to migrate a report while also copying the report’s description?
    2. The report and capability that we now have, which displays which reports are published on our SSRS site along with a description and a link to the report, are not moving over to PBI. Do PBI’s features allow me to recreate reports like this? If not, how can I move an SSRS report to PBI while maintaining functionality?

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      Reply To: PowerBI to SSRS report description migration

      by taradoridy ·

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      1 – Migrating a report from SSRS to PowerBI while also copying the report’s description is indeed possible. When you migrate the report, you can manually copy the description from SSRS and paste it into the corresponding location in PowerBI.

      2 – PowerBI does offer features that allow you to recreate reports similar to what you had in SSRS. You can create a report in PowerBI with the necessary visuals and add descriptions or additional information using text boxes or tooltips. However, the exact functionality and layout may differ from what you had in SSRS, so you may need to adjust and customize the report in PowerBI to match your requirements.

      You can explore options like using PowerBI Embedded to embed SSRS reports within PowerBI or using the PowerBI REST API to programmatically replicate the functionality you had in SSRS. These approaches would require development work and might not provide an exact replica, but they can help you achieve similar functionality within the PowerBI environment.

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