powerdown problems

By dadamski ·
when shutting down xp the computer gos throough all the motions but when it gets to the "windows is saving " screen it just stops and i have to hold in the computer button to get the thing to switch off,

can anyone help??


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Could be quite a few things

by OH Smeg In reply to powerdown problems

You need to look for a Hardware issue as a starting point. You can try using the Ultimate Boot CD

To test all of your Hardware and then you know where to start looking. OH BTW change the BIOS Battery with a new one I have a P4 here with a SIS Chip Set M'Board doing exactly the same thing that was driving me nuts and it was just a Flattish BIOS Battery.

If the hardware passes all tests you can start looking at the Software Load start by installing just XP with all the Service Packs & Hot Patches to a Clean unformatted HDD and when that is finished start installing 1 piece of software till the unit stops shutting down. When that happens you know what the problem piece of Software was and then you can reinstall the OS without that software.

If you can Clone the HDD and have a spare drive outside the computer so that you don't need to reinstall the OS you'll be able to just clone off the Backup Drive. It will save you a lot of time.


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Check this

by Jacky Howe In reply to powerdown problems

Right click My Computer then click Properties > Hardware > Device Manager.
Expand the entry called Computer.

If the entry is 'Advanced Configuration and Power Interface (ACPI) PC' you're all set. It is probably something else causing the problem. Follow OH Smegs advice.

If it says 'Standard PC' the computer BIOS was not detected as being ACPI capable. Follow these steps.

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