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PowerEdge 1750 with a warning red light blinking!!!

By Alex1to ·
Hello to all,
I have a PowerEdge 1750 with a warning red light blinking, I running a diagnostic scan but I don't know if that is sufficient enough to determine the cause of it. This is my first time using the Dell PowerEdge "Service & Diagnostic Utilities disk" as a diagnostic tool, if someone knows a better way to find why the warning is blinking, could you please reply to my cry of help???
Thanks in advance for your input,

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by retro77 In reply to PowerEdge 1750 with a war ...

Is also one of the disks in an array blinking as well?

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PowerEdge 1750 with a warning red light blinking!!!

by Alex1to In reply to Disks?

No, it's not a light in the array arragement... it's the light with the interrogation mark inside of a triangle the one is blinking...
Thanks for your input

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Multiple avenues to troubleshoot

by netwrk_admn In reply to PowerEdge 1750 with a war ...

Yes, the previous poster is correct in looking at the drives to see if they are failing.

Next questions -

Do you have a support contract with DELL? 800-822-8965 option 3. DELL provides a great utility to take a 'snapshot' of your system with a DSET program. This will also clear your red flashing light.
I had a red flashing light that would come on when it overheated and would not go away until you either restarted or ran the DSET to gather and clear logs.

Secondly, go to Event Viewer, as most likely this will determine what is failing and you can search the site http://www.eventid.net/ to troubleshoot individual events.

Basically, the red light is there because you have a problem, and it's best to clear it up right away. Otherwise, itll look like a rave in your server room :).

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PowerEdge 1750 with a warning red light blinking!!!

by Alex1to In reply to Multiple avenues to troub ...

We do have support with DELL and I did try the DSET tool you mentioned but every time I tried to run it, it errors out. Dell technician told me I need to install the Dell Openmanagement tool but I cannot restart the server because it's a production server...
UPDATE - 07/03/2007;
I was able to restart the server only to find out I cannot install Dell OpenManagement Software because, the software only works when you have install win2k3 SP1 and above. That server doesn't have any Service pack install, I asked the administrator to see If I can install it and he asked to wait until check if the SP1 would not interfere with the daily work the server is used for. I will keep you inform of any invent.
Thanks for your input,

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