Poweredge 2500 DEAD After Dual CPU Upgrade!

By dciiper ·
Hey all, i have a Dell Poweredge 2500, it originally was a 1.0Ghz Single Proc, with 1GB or RAM.

I bought 2 matching tested P3 1.4Ghz Processors (Made for this server), and also bought Dell ECC registered RAM.

After installing the new hardware, i powered on, got NO video, and the amber warning light was on.

Immediatly i took all the new hardware out and went back to my original hardware. The problem will not go away. No video, and the orange warning light still. No beep codes or anything on startup.

Any ideas?

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Any Progress?

by kevin.sutton In reply to Poweredge 2500 DEAD After ...

I'm wondering if you have made any progress on your issue. I upgraded my PE2850 to add additional memory & CPU (phone order from Dell) and now my system is displaying the same issues as you described.

Any guidence will be greatly appreciated!

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My Memory

by retro77 In reply to Poweredge 2500 DEAD After ...

If memory servers me right, isnt there a voltage regulator/daughter board to install when you add a second processor? Also have you guys tried the Dell support forums:

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CPU issue

by scottie4442 In reply to Poweredge 2500 DEAD After ...

I just had this issue and did a ton of research. I found out that there are two different types of motherboards, a coppermine CPU version and a tualatin CPU version. To tell the difference, usually the 933 to 1.2 processors are coppermine, the 1.1 and higher are tualatin. The best way to check is the VRM's, the coppermine VRM's have a base that plugs into a pin socket, the tualatin has a base that has a card edge connector. The CPU's are not compatible between these two motherboards (i found this out AFTER I purchased two tualatin CPU's on ebay and tried to get them to work with my coppermine motherboard). I hope this helps.

Scott Adams

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I had this problem

by keighry In reply to Poweredge 2500 DEAD After ...

I have had the same issue two times.

The first upgrade issue was that the 'signed' ram i ordered was mislabeled.

The second upgrade was an expansion from one to two processors, but the Dell salesperson neglected to mention the additional controller card i needed to purchase for the new processor to function. There was an identical card already installed for my existing CPU, but I never noticed it.

IIRC these slots are located near their respective CPU sockets. Both need to be populated for a two processor config.

Hope this helps.

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Well just the Obvious

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Poweredge 2500 DEAD After ...

A P3 1 GIG Intel CPU is a Coppermine model and the CPU Faster than a GIG are called Tantalums and these have a different Core Voltage which results in the destruction of the CPU if it is fitted to a M'Board built for Coppermine CPU. It also doesn't do the M'Board much good either.

As according to Dell this model should have VRM's Voltage Regulation Module fitted for each CPU they are most likely damaged if you fitted the wrong type of CPU they could very well have destroyed the Old CPU's as well if they are severely damaged.

You really need to get the Dell Service Tag and look up the System Configuration Information here

To see exactly what is inside this system and what it can use.

Post back when you know what can be fitted to the Unit and we may be able to assist you with some more information.


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RE: Poweredge dead after CPU upgrade.

by Johhny0005 In reply to Poweredge 2500 DEAD After ...

2 Things I would double check. First go to and verify the CPU is compatible. Second and more important the Dell Poweredge server has a card next to the CPU. VRM1 and VRM2 these are voltage regluator cards for the CPU. It is possible that the core frequency and mulitplier are fine but the core voltage is different. You may need to replace the VRM1 and VRM2 modules with a module appropriate for the core voltage of that CPU. Good luck to you.

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