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Powerfull PC but.......

By wennock ·

P4 2.8 with two 256 DDR 400 Ram On board video ATI Radeon **00
On XP fully patched

I have the above syetem which flies burning CDs, playing video's using office and so on. But I seem to crash more than I would expect when playing games. Some games don't work atall reporting errors regaurding the games EXE file.
Not sure where the fault lies here? is it XP? or a hardware issue? bad memory or video card.
Can anyone sugest any apps that will "test" the PC and give me the results in a way I will understand. Or point me in the right direction here. Very frustrating!!

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by RCOM In reply to Powerfull PC but.......

The actual error message(s) and game you're playing would help in assisting you. You said the system is fully patched but does that include latest direct X, chipset, agp, usb, video and sound drivers. Download all as needed.

Games can be so problematic. Check the game's website for compatiblility issues and download any patches specific to your video card etc.. Make sure the game is compatible with the version of Direct X you have. And the issues may also be caused by the sound card, input device, especially USB.

Run Direct X testing tool. Click on Start then Run, type in dxdiag.exe and run the tool. This will check versions of drivers and least you can make sure the hardware is performing correctly.

Display settings may play a role in the way the game performs. Again the game's website would be the place to get the info on the best performance and stabilility settings. Screen resolution and color settings, 3D exceleration adjustments can be tested. Open GL and other settings can cause problems.

Good luck

Reinstall the game after making changes to the system. Take the time to read and follow the install instructions.

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by TABComputers2002 In reply to Powerfull PC but.......

Microsoft has a compatibility listing on the Window XP site. You might want to make sure your games are compatable. Also check to see if they are able to run with SP2. I assume by fully patched, that you are running it.


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by dmiles In reply to Powerfull PC but.......

have you tried running your DXDIAG tests to rule out any problems?
have you tried lowering hardware and/or sound acceleration while you're in there, also? do each one, by itself and only a notch each time, then run the game to see what happens.

have you upgraded to DX 9.0c?
considered playing with your sound drivers? funny thing that since the start of pc gaming, sound has been at the heart of game crashes. more so than video.

also, farcy and ati cards have a LOT of problems. that's one of the reasons they withdrew the patch.

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by brddog In reply to Powerfull PC but.......

All good answers but missed the real problem I think. The on board video is using system memory which needs to be subtracted from the 512 mb which is your actual memory available. This chip is configurable from 16 MB to 128 MB of main memory, so the best you can hope for is 128 mb to play the games and most games now require that as a bare minimum. So I recommend getting an agp or pci video card with 256 mb of ram.

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by wennock In reply to Powerfull PC but.......

the Pc that has two 256 DDR modules. The system seems to have problems running games and so on. When the DDRs are installed next to each other on the motherboard. But if I install them in spot 1 and 3. The system seems to be fine.
I am not really sure why this is both DDRs are the same type but by different manufacturer?
Am I putting the system at risk not installing the memory side by side?

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by aseem_kumar_2001 In reply to Powerfull PC but.......

Well as u say in u r comment tht if u keep memories side by side pc crashes and if u keep them in slot 1 & 3 it works fine. Maybe Slot no. 2 has some problamatic pin
Also check the temperature of ur system and cpu regularly even while playing games
And there is no risk in putting memory sticks in any slot.

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by White Wolf In reply to Powerfull PC but.......

From your comments about the memory needing to be in slots not next to each other sounds like a issue that comes up while I overclock gaming pc's, that you may have a subtle timing discrepency somewhere either w/ the motherboard or in the ram itself. Check the memory sticks first, (since that's the easiest) make sure their both rated for the same speed. And if you want to be dead sure, take them down to a repair shop with a ram tester (Like the ones sold here - the site also has some helpful ref stuff for troubleshooting ram) and ask them to test them for you. (Note that some will do it for free, while others charge...)

And if that doesn't seem to be it, double check to see if something isn't incorrectly set in the systems bios under the memory settings. (You'll likely need to refer to your motherboards manual for the exact specs)

Good Luck!

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