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Powering Computer using Keyboard

By rlokur ·
Hi there,
Does anyone know how to Powerup the computer using Keyboard shortcut keys instead of pressing the power button all the time?
I have a machine with Windows XP Pro, Award bios v.6. My teacher told me I can do this in the bios under intergrated Peripherals to setup the Keyboard short cut keys to powerup my system instead of power switch. But I don't see anything there to do this kind of setting.

If anyone have an idea on how to do this, please help. I'm tired of pressing the switch button.



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by Oldefar In reply to Powering Computer using K ...

This isn't a bios setting, but a function of the motherboard itself (KBPO).

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by Oldefar In reply to

If you don't have the correct motherboard, consider an outlet strip with an extended on/off switch you can mount to your desktop.

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by CG IT In reply to Powering Computer using K ...

well your teacher is not quite correct. As Oldfar said it isn't the BIOS but a keyboard function and the other problem being that there's no power to the keyboard until you hit the power switch and the BIOS initializes the keyboard and loads a default keyboard driver. you CAN turn OFF your computer by the keyboard, you can put the computer into sleep or hibernate mode with the keyboard but you can't turn ON your keyboard unless you take the power on button on the case and mount it on the keyboard and run special wires that connect to the power on pins on the mainboard [another thing mainboard and keyboard mfg's should consider doing. why they haven't yet is beyond me]. .

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by CG IT In reply to

I stand corrected !!! Epox has a mainboard with kbpo function!!! I gotta get out more often

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A Keyboard can power up a computer

by cyberpunche In reply to

My Friends computer powers on by any key being pushed its got a soyo motherboard and its fairly new

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by TheChas In reply to Powering Computer using K ...

Some newer motherboards may have a BIOS setting for wake on keyboard. The motherboards that I have seen with this feature have a jumper on the motherboard that allows you to enable / disable this function.

The type and version of the BIOS (Award v.6) does not impact this feature. It is the design of the motherboard itself.

You need to look in the manual for your system / motherboard for information on how to enable wake-on-keyboard.

In order for DR's suggestion to work, you will need to enter BIOS setup, and go to power management.
Set the power status for loss of power to always on.

Since this has to be an ATX type system for wake on keyboard to work. There is another option.

The power switch on an ATX system is a simple momentary push button switch.
If you have, (or know someone with electronics skills) you can wire a remote switch in parallel with (or in place of) the existing power switch.


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by highlander718 In reply to Powering Computer using K ...

HP Vectra models (VL6/400, VL6/200) for example have this feature from fabrication. And I'm talking 6-7 year old PC's here.
But, it's the motherboard not the BIOS, as correctly stated.

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