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powering portable equipment

By sharmabd ·
A portable equipment is used in field and to be carried by a person on backpack. The power requirement is approximately 7AH.

The power requirement of the equipment is defined "The equipment is to be powered through 12 VDC rechargeable Ni-Cd type portable battery"

Please suggest few good, cost-effective batteries available in the market for above equipment.

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by TheChas In reply to powering portable equipme ...

That is a VERY high current density for a NiCad pack.
High capacity "D" NiCads are only 4AH. So, an array of 20 cells would be required to provide 7AH at 12 volts.

There are a number of retail and web based companies that build custom battery packs.

Personally, I would use a sealed "gel style" lead acid battery.
These are the same style batteries used in computer UPS systems.

Most of the major battery manufactures offer sealed lead acid batteries.


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by csmith In reply to powering portable equipme ...

The manual must be old, as NICADs are out for environmental reasons.
Now to the basics. Any portable battery pack that can deliver 7 Amps at 12 Volts will work.
The Lead Acid Gels are probably the cheapest, and the have the most weight, for the power delivered.
How far are the walks, and how high?
If used at high altitudes, the lead acid gels may freeze and break, when in a discharged state.
If use is at high altitude, you are going to have to go for the more expensive solid electrolyte batteries. The cheapest solution might be to use the 12 Volt battery from an old portable drill.
(The newer ones use higher voltages.)
Regards, Chris

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