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By VSposaro ·
Does anyone know a way I can actually create a six object slide? When I use the slide with a title layout and 4 object layout - I keep trying to customize it to ad two more objects so that there is a layout of 3 per line and I can't seem to recreate these - copying doesn't work and my intent is to create a template to make for easy drop in of six pictures.

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by DKlippert In reply to PowerPoint 2003
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by Lizzy In reply to PowerPoint 2003

If using a table as Doug suggested, have you tried creating the six object slide in the format that you want? If you have, perhaps you can save it as a POT file instead of PPT or PPS.

Personally, I prefer working in "freehand" with Power Point and use blank layouts to insert pictures and\or text boxes where ever I want them and as many as I like. I simply use the CTRL+M shortcut key combo to add a new slide and go from there.

If I am not mistaken, Power Point 2003 will remember the last slide layout that you used and will automatically add that blank layout, so if you used the 4 picture layout, using CTRL+M will give you the same one for your next slide. (It's been a while since I used 2003 beta version as an evaluator--can't afford to buy the whole suite yet!)

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