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Powerpoint 2003 Doc is opened in 2007 the Cursor doesn't line up with text

By mraftice ·
When I open a powerpoint 2003 document in Powerpoint 2007 the cursor does not line up with the text. It appears to be about 1/2 of a line above the text which makes it very difficult to edit the text. It is as if there is a new text grid and the old text does not line up with it. I have installed office service pack 1 and also installed the Compatibility Pack. It is affecting 5 computers in my office. My computer, however, is not affected. I cannot find the answer on or google.
Perhaps I am not asking the right questions.

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Does it open in Compatibility Mode?

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to Powerpoint 2003 Doc is op ...

It should say DocName.ppt (Compatibility Mode) across the window title bar.

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This might be of use..

Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 & OpenType CFF Fonts

Microsoft has been hard at work fixing a couple of bugs Windows PowerPoint 2007 has in working with OpenType CFF ("PostScript" flavored OpenType) fonts.

The first is pretty serious. Set text above 64 point in an OpenType CFF font, and it all munges together, overlapping. It's basically unreadable and unusable at these sizes.

The second is a little more subtle. Apply underlining to an OpenType CFF font, and the underline will be shifted up slightly, above the baseline instead of below, so it cuts into the text, almost like a really low strikethrough. Now, as a typographer I don't use underlining all that often... except for URLs, which show up in my presentations all the time.

The latest Windows PowerPoint hotfix fixes these issues, hurrah! However, it has not yet been rolled up into a regular update, because it has not been as fully tested as everyone would like. It definitely solves the problems noted above. If you are encountering these problems and need them fixed *now* and are willing to take a slight chance, then you should download the hotfix. To get the fix now, rather than waiting, you can request Hotfix SRZ071022000448.
[added info 17 Mar 2008:Microsoft's writeup is now available in their Knowledgebase article 948941.] Otherwise, you should wait for this to be rolled into a regular update (available through the Microsoft Update service), or a later Service Pack update.

Please post back if you have any more problems or questions.

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Problem is the Printer Driver

by don.kellner In reply to Powerpoint 2003 Doc is op ...

I had the exact same problem, and found a reference on the PPTools Site
to bat printer drivers. I deleted my default printer, and selected another printer. My slide then loaded perfectly.
Hope this works for you.

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