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    Powerpoint 2007 mouse won’t click


    by thebyerlyturk ·

    I am trying to complete an assignment on PP2007, but my laptop will not allow me to select the font/colour that I want. Some of the fonts seem to work, but most of them I can click on them forever and they won’t work. Same for colours on the design tab. I also have problems elsewhere in the PP program persuading the mouse to click on anything I would like to select. Sometimes it will allow me to select some types of font, then a minute later I can’t.
    Would appreciate some help so I can get this assignment done properly.

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      by thebyerlyturk ·

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      ppt 2007 grey outs

      by xnavydk ·

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      I suspect like other office products if you have selected an object that does not require font color options they corresponding functions that do not apply to the editing process are grayed out by default from the tool bar. So if you inserted a box that should contain an animated graphic, text editing would be gray or inaccessible in that box. However if you insert a text box, the picture editing tools would be gray or unavailable in reverse fashion.

      have you replaced the batteries in your wireless mouse? or does the wire have a short? have you tried a different mouse?

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      by oldbaritone ·

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      Are the fonts installed on your computer? Some fonts embedded in a PPT may have only the characters in use, so if you try to use it for something else, it may not work. That would explain “sometimes you can, sometimes you can’t” font changes. If it’s not on your computer, search for it with Google and you may be able to install it, if it’s not proprietary.

      Colors on the design tab – are you using a pallette with a limited number of colors? What color depth is your monitor? If something has ended up in 256-color mode, it’s very limited. Maybe that’s it.

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