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    PowerPoint 2007. The path or file name for “\\path\filename” is invalid.


    by scottycat ·

    This is a question and also has a workaround.

    Recently upgraded the whole company to Office 2007.
    Running Citrix Presentation Server 4.5 with Office 2007 Pro on the Citrix server.

    User can open a powerpoint file (does not matter what version), but when they go to ‘save as’ it comes up with “The path or file name for
    ‘\\path\filename’ is invalid. Do you want to save to a different file name?”

    Does not matter what version or which folder or length of path+file name – the same message. This does not occur when ‘saving as’ in Word 2007 or Excel 2007 or PP2003 with the same user on the same folder, so I know it is not a permissions issue.

    I can use My Computer to browse to the folder and right click to create a new PP2007 file (or to copy another ppt or pptx file), then use PP2007 to save as that newly created file. So I can ‘save as’ if the file exists already but not if it does not exist in the folder. Not an ideal workaround for one product.

    Anyone have any suggestions? or is this a MS patch to come?

    This is only with PP2007.

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