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powerpoint crashe all the time.cant work

By al3x ·
I am running XP pro, Office 2000 pro upgraded to XP office, 80 gigs hd, 1 gigs of RAM, 3.0 hyper threading CPU, ATI 128 pro

I have open one large PowerPoint file (200 MB), in slide sorter view. I open a second file (large or small), also in slide sorter view. Sometimes I click "Arrange All" to have both presentations showing at the same time, sometimes not. I copy from one to 15 slides from one presentation to paste in the other. When I press Ctrl - C to copy the slides, the cursor goes to the hourglass and stays there. Sometimes I immediately get an error message telling me that a problem has occurred and PowerPoint must be closed. Other times it just hangs up and then I press Ctrl + Alt + Del to get the task manager, and once I elect to "End Now," I get the error message screen and then PowerPoint closes.

I have encountered this working with files both on the network drive as well as on my hard drive.

In an effort to keep it from happening, I have tried copying and pasting one slide at a time, and saving each time. I can usually get 3-5 copy-and-pastes that way, but it would still eventually crash on me.

I have found that by creating a new PowerPoint file, and copying and pasting slides to that file first (so that it's a very small file), and then copying and pasting to the larger presentation file, I can get a little more done without PowerPoint crashing.

These crashes only happen to my new machine. My old machine was a 1ghz, 512mb, standard videocard 64mb, & Win98. and with the old machine I was able to do these function with no problem. It was slow but not crashing like this with my new machine.

These are the things I have tried so far to fix this issue.

1. I only have PowerPoint open
2. I have all the XP updates
3. I cleaned out my entire computer including the temps
4. Fast save is turned off in PowerPoint
5. My graphics accelerator is all the way to the left which is none.
6. I changed my picture quality to 16bits.

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by JPeezus In reply to powerpoint crashe all the ...

if your power point is a part of an office suite I would go into the control panel>add remove programs and do a detect and repair. if that doesn't fix it then you probably have no other option but to reinstall. but make sure you delete the folder it installs to first or it could continue to give you problems. good luck!

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by sgt_shultz In reply to powerpoint crashe all the ...

are you getting specific error message or just problem, must close. i would try latest xp sps and latest office sp. if you are already to latest levels on both, i would surf to and search for your symptoms and /or error message

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by DKlippert In reply to powerpoint crashe all the ...

Here's an experiment.
Rather than open two files, open the target PPT and go to Insert>Slides from Files. Browse to the source file. Select the desired slide(s) and Insert them.

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by tmoghul In reply to powerpoint crashe all the ...

try running powerpnt.exe /regserver at Run, if this won't work then try renaming or deleting ppt.pcb


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