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By Jbencsik ·
Maybe you guys can help...
I have a user at a site who's having an odd Powerpoint issue. It's PP 2007 and he found that his margins and bullets on all the presentations he's created in the last three weeks are screwed up. So he's having formatting issues.

What's very odd is that I can login to his machine as admin, browse to his directory, open up his Powerpoint presentations and all the formatting is correct.

I've tried uninstalling/reinstalling Powerpoint, ran a registry cleaner, and renamed his profile so when he logged in, he had a new, clean profile but he still has this weird formatting issues.

Has anyone run across this?


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by Jbencsik In reply to Powerpoint problem specif ...

I also deleted the .dot file, thinking that maybe it was corrupt but that also did nothing to remedy the issue.

It's a very bizarre problem. The next step is to try reinstalling Windows but I'd rather not if it can be avoided.

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by Jbencsik In reply to Powerpoint problem specif ...

This was a weird issue. After completely rebuilding his machine, reinstalling Office 07, and having him try to open his presentations on completely new system with the same issue we figured out what the problem was.

It was a bad print driver which was causing his headaches. Once we deleted his printers off his machine, the problem resolved itself. Upon further investigation, we didn't even have to delete the printer off of his machine to get Powerpoint to work correctly. We just had to uncheck the offending print queue as "use as default".

What's odd is that this didn't affect any other office products, just Powerpoint.

So anyway, problem solved, for now.

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