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Powerpoint "Package for CD" feature

By InamulHaq ·
I made a powerpoint presentation with hyperlinks & action buttons. Now when i burn it using "Package for CD" feature, i see my Main(Master) presentation in a folder of 243 files. Is there a way when i burn the CD, i can put this 1 main file outside of the folder & rest of supporting files(pdf) remain insdie the folder ? I m using 2007 but also tried 2010 office but couldn't find solution to this one anywhere. No one would know and like to seacrh for my presentation file out of so many crowded ones.

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Maybe a link will do?

by TobiF In reply to Powerpoint "Package for C ...

If you move that main file relative to the content, then all links are off...
But why don't you just add a Windows-style shortcut at the level above?
Or a dummy presentation, whose only purpose is to kick-start the main one.

As an alternative, you could also try to name your main presentation in such a way that it will be listed in the beginning of the list! You could name it "$ Main.pptx", for instance

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Tried both but seems like a wild goose chase

by InamulHaq In reply to Maybe a link will do?

You are right bro if i move the main file, all links goes off and thats i m trying to avoid.

I tried Windows-style shortcut at the level above (outside the main folder). It works fine on my PC but when i burn it on a CD(via Nero), it's a dead link there.

I did exactly the same thing of renaming the file in a manner that it appears on the top by adding 1 on the beginning of the name. But everyone has a different sorting style in his PC, some sort files by size, some ppl do it by date. etc etc.

But few CDs i burnt for my clients are with the this renaming technique. There is a high probabilty that main presentation appears on top but it leaves a very untidy impression when ur presenting ur company profile to someone. The first bad impression could even make a potential lead dead.

I think if i don't find the solution soon, i ll jump to Macromedia Flash and a good bye to powerpoint.

The most surprising thing is that after wasting lots of CDs while different experiments & lots of searching on internet, no one ever had this problem, no one never mentioned it, therefore no solid solution. Just hit & try. May be it's old fashioned to give powerpoint presentations

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