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PowerrChute and Netware

By pleggett ·
I am in control of the network for a small company I work for. We have Novell Netware 5. Which I know just enough about to keep the system going. So my problem is that the battery went out in the apc 1000 smartups so I replaced it with a new battery and now everytime I turn the server on the powerchute software shuts it down in 3 minutes saying it is on battery power which makes no since to me cause the battery was fully charged before I started it up. If anyone could please help me I would be forever grateful.

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by Oz_Media In reply to PowerrChute and Netware

You would get more help in the Technical Q&A section, you'll get 1000 points when you close the question so not to worry about offering up a few.

BUT...I will ask my APC tech if it is UPS related tomorrow and get back to you if you still need help. You sure the new battery is connected correctly? I think the 1000 fits both ways. If not I'll check my Netware docs.

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by pleggett In reply to Normally

I Believe battery to be connected correctly and fully charged. If I unload PWRCHUTE.NLM and AIOCOMX.NLM on my server then everything seems to work fine, and does not shut the server down but not sure if I am protected with the battery by unloading these. Thanks for your input..

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I think you're OK

by Oz_Media In reply to unload PWRCHUTE.NLM

I usually don't load the powercgute.nlm and I use a similar UPS by APC (a partner company).

One way to find out, flip the breaker! Just mke sure nobody sees you when the power suddenly fails. Then you can pull the life saving admin trick, "Don't worry, everybody relax, I'll have things back up in no time. There's nothing to see here, just carry on about your business!"

5 minutes later, you're a hero and people are smiling with the thought that they have a good admin that gets problemsresolved in no time.

On top of these falsely acquired judos, you will answer your problem and get back to you video games while you wait like the Maytag man for something to break down.

Netware's fun isn't it? No experience, you can just jump right in and achieve hero status as there are no problems.

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