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By syxguns ·
Okay, I have a machine that had a 32-bit Processor & Motherboard. After a lot of troubleshooting I realized the Motherboard had gone out. I had to replace the Processor and Motherboard with 64-bit. I did a Windows update with my original version of XP. Now my original version does not even have SP1 on it. I did not have a shadow backup of SP1 & SP2 but at the time I was not concerned. Now here is the problem I am facing:

1)If I go to make a new connection I do not receive the option to create using my user name and password.

2)I installed my old PPPoE connection which I believe is Enet (32-bit) but I am told that a cable is disconnected!

In order to get this PPPoE connection to work will I need to download a 64-bit connection to install? My system is connected to a Speed Stream 5360 external modem. I have changed the speed of the Ethernet adapter and I still cannot seem to get this thing to work. Any advice you have will be greatly appreciated!

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by JamesRL In reply to PPPoE Question

32 bit or 64 bit - forgetabouit.

Your OS is 32 bit. Thats all that matters. 64 bit drivers are meant for a 64 bit OS. There is a 64 bit version of Windows, but you would know if you have it.

You need to first ensure that TCP/IP is configured and running with your ethernet card. You can read how from the help files.

Most modern adapters can handle multiple speeds. Don't worry so much about the speed as much as ensuring the card is functioning. You may want to check to see if there are any conflicts. You may even want to see if the provider of the ethernet card (or the MB maker if its onboard) has diagnotic software available.

If you don't have an old ethernet card lying around, you can buy a cheap one for less than $10 - give that a try.

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by syxguns In reply to PPPoE Question

I am running 32-bit O/S, and I do have communication to the modem. I will try another card to see if that will work. My main problem is communication past the modem.

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by G... In reply to PPPoE Question

If it's after the modem you have problem then it's propably a wrong configuration of your PPPoE or a problem with your ISP.
In both cases, contact your ISP they know what to do there

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by syxguns In reply to PPPoE Question

I did contact my ISP. They could not figure the problem out either. They wanted to send me to their tech support team that charges 99 bucks an hour.

I thought I would seek advice and get it fixed myself. I am going to put in another card to see if I can get connected, then I will update my BIOS, and components. I am hopeful that will work. Before I rebuilt the machine I had access to the Internet, so I am wondering if the drivers for the Asus motherboard are not up to date.

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