Ppt corrupted / fonts changed / images swopped for no reason?

By CecilHod ·
i swear this is the weirdest problem i've come across in my entire life.

As mentioned in the title, I have many PPT files stored on my dropbox and these things happen randomly to a couple of my PPT files :

1. They occasionally get corrupted and can't be opened at all. It's fortunate that I have 'dropsync' on my phone (in download mirror mode), so i keep a workable copy on my phone all the time.

2. the fonts change by themselves on some of the slides. e.g. it's supposed to be all TNR - then it randomly changes some of my paragraphs to my custom fonts.

3. Some of the images in the PPT file are swopped from one file to another.

This really sounds like a prank, but i'm very sure it isn't. I'm also quite sure my dropbox isn't hacked, because i checked the logs and there is no suspicious activity. Furthermore, i have 2FA activated.

doesn't seem to be a virus too - i did a complete scan with NOD32 and didn't find anything at all.

what's irritating is i cannot reproduce the problem; it happens intermittently.

what should i do?

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PowerPoint Recovery

by Robertst1 In reply to Ppt corrupted / fonts cha ...

That doesn't sound like the kind of thing that viruses/trojans normally do. And if you did have a file corrupting virus (like Virut or Sality) I'm pretty confident that NOD32 would detect it.

File corruption is usually caused by errors on the hard drive.

Have you tried running a full disk ckeck?

And try:
PowerPoint Recovery Toolbox fixes data corruption problems in PPTX and PPT presentations of any size.

For more information:

As you can look for the answer here:

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