PPTP ports in SBS 2003 are missing in RRAS

By Dedlbug ·
I was curious if anyone has seen this happen before. I have seen it happen a couple times on two different servers, but it has fixed itself in the past. Basically, in RRAS, the PPTP ports are now missing. We use PPTP for a VPN, but with no ports, we can't dial in. I re-installed the WAN Miniport PPTP in device manager using devcon.exe, but the ports are still missing. Any ideas? Here is most promising link I found, but solution didn't working:


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Still happening, but resolved...sort of.

by Dedlbug In reply to PPTP ports in SBS 2003 ar ...

This issue happened again last night on a SBS 03 box again. The ports in RRAS were missing, however a simple restart of the RRAS service resolved the issue. In the previous case I posted (above) re-installing the WAN Miniport did eventually resolve the issue... the second time and after a second server reboot.

Just curious if any one has any ideas of why this happens. Thanks. =]

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Anything in the event logs for services that fails?

by CG IT In reply to Still happening, but reso ...

My question is how are the miniports assigned addresses? If you use a static pool then they shouldn't disappear.

However if you use a DHCP pool, then if anything happens to the DHCP service, then it's possible that the miniports can't get an addresses.

That goes with RRAS. if one of the services that RRAS is dependant on fails, how does RRAS recover? If you have take no action then it's possible a service RRAS depends on fails and RRAS stops. If you restart RRAS and this solves the problem, I would venture that it's in the dependencies that there might be a problem.

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Good points

by Dedlbug In reply to Anything in the event log ...

Thanks for the help. The logs are clean, at least no warnings or errors. The Address pool is DHCP, BUT this issue also occured when using a static pool on a different server. Go figure.

Good point about the dependencies issues., and if it happens again, I will monitor the logs and services to investigate. The whole thing just seems wierd.

I marked this helpful, because it is. And manually uninstalling WAN Miniport and re-installing did eventually fix it. Thanks again.

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I've never seen miniports disappear out of the blue

by CG IT In reply to Good points

what I have seen is having 20 miniports but only 5 addresses available so there's only 5 miniports in the RRAS MMC console ports section.

Same vein, I've also seen miniports disappear when DHCP is offline and the renew period comes up and they can't get to the DHCP server to get addresses.

But I've never seen PPPoE disappear ever.

There's always 1 PPPoE connection if RRAS is enabled and you can't get rid of it.

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