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by kristinafh In reply to Pragmatic Project Managem ...

<div xmlns="">
<span style="font-family:arial;font-size:180%;color:#ff6666;">Project Management.</span>
<br />
<br />Two words that can create a series of reactions. <br />
<br />Common ones include:<br />
<em>Silence (</em>this usually is followed with a rolling of the eyes and is one of the most common reactions.<em&gt</em>
<em>'ve done project management</em> (this comes from individuals who <strong>THINK</strong> they've done project management but in reality, it wasn't anything near it. Think glorified Tech Lead who needs another title to satisfy their ever-growing egos.)</li>
<em>Right</em> (this comes from the individual who thinks that Project Management is just bureaucratic overhead.)</li>
<em>What about it?</em> (this comes from the know-it-all who really knows nothing.)</li>
<p>And then there's the rest of us. </p>
<span style="font-family:arial;font-size:180%;">
<strong>Project Management</strong>
</span> actually excites us. </p>
<p>Invigorates us. </p>
<p>Gets our brains and minds moving. </p>
<p>Well, for some of us. </p>
<p>Especially those of us who take a <span style="font-size:130%;">
</span> approach to it.</p>
<p>So you may ask yourself - who are we? </p>
<p>In honor of my glass half-full friends, I'll start with the <em>who we aren't</em>.</p>
<p>We aren't about:</p>
<li>Office space(s)</li>
<li>Billions of people subordinate to your position</li>
<li>Impressing others for the sake of discrediting others</li>
<li>Stepping on the little people (because really, we're all just little people)</li>
<p>We are about:</p>
<li>Blood, Sweat, and Tears</li>
<li>*Pop Culture/Trivia</li>
<li>*Great Music</li>
<li>*Making this world a better place</li>
<p>* May only apply to the author of this blog.</p>
<p>I have put off doing the official Blogging thing up until now. I've batted around the idea of writing about real-life situations and ideas and submitting them for publication however, life just gets so busy and the procrastinator in me has 10 loads of laundry, 35 thousand emails, and 23 bills to be paid in less than two hours. Guess which doesn't get done?</p>
<p>Probably most of it. But as my friend Tom would say, <em>that's another story, for another day</em>.</p>
<span style="font-size:130%;">
<strong>Pragmatic Project Management</strong>
</span> is about me. I think it's about you. I think it's about how common sense-oriented people want to approach the stuff we need to get delivered. </p>
<p>What can you expect from this blog? I don't have a master plan/master template. I'll write. I'll post things I've found useful and not useful. Choose to read. Choose to watch <strong>Gray's</strong> <strong>Anatomy</strong> (wasn't that a bitchin' episode tonight?!). If you're good at Project Management, the multi-tasker in you can do it all. Stay tuned.</p>Taking a Pragmatic Approach to Project Management - aka Getting It Done Right In The Real World</div><p><div class="blogdisclaim"><a href="">This post originally appeared on an external website</a></div>

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by kristinafh In reply to Pragmatic Project Managem ...

<div xmlns="">This blog is all about <strong>Networking</strong>. <br />
<br />* I've posted a link to an excellent article by <strong>Ivan Misner. </strong>Read it in your copious, spare time.<br />
<strong />
<br />In my younger years, I didn't understand the <em>
</em> of networking. I would see these people go to meetings, all giddy about being able to touch and/or be in the presence of people with titles. <strong>YUCK!!!!</strong> Plaheeze - today's Vice President, tomorrow's Janitor....Just because they have a title doesn't mean that they are any more or less important than you or me...<br />
<br />Those of you who know me know that any <em>hint</em> of an organized butt-kissing activity makes me want to vomit continuously (you know I love the visuals).<br />
<br />But now, I'm a big believer in the concept. Why? What's happened? Have I suddenly become a butt-kisser? Not at all. I guess maturity has taken hold of me and I realize that there can be a happy merging of work and relationships and that the two can be beneficial for lots of people. And you know what else? You can actually accomplish this without sacrificing your integrity or values. Kind of neat thing, right?<br />
<br />SOAPBOX<br />I know a <em>
</em> of people in Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, Illinois, and Michigan. How? Oh, through various means. I've always been a relationship person - I think this comes from the fact that I moved around a lot (went to about a dozen different schools before I finally graduated). <br />
<br />When I clique with someone, I have a need to stay in touch with him. Not because I think - hey - that person can give me a job in "x" years. I stay in touch because I recognize something in them - they're a kind soul, someone who gets me or can make me grow to another level. I'm the half-full chick - I just believe that fundamentally people are good. To leave this life without the benefit of these cool people - well - gosh what a waste.<br />END SOAPBOX<br />
<br />One person who I was fortunate to meet - Mr. Mike Pennell - well - he's a lot different than me. Mike has a lot of qualities that I envy at times. He's polite to a (good) fault. He can say what he wants to say without insulting people. He is one of the most well-spoken, politically correct people I know. If you REALLY want to bring a person down a notch, have Mike do it because he <strong>can</strong> do it without the person even catching on to it. It's a great form of entertainment that I highly recommend :).<br />
<br />Anyway, I know he gets the networking thing. We decided to throw this little gathering for Friday. Although I hear he thinks I've invited half of the City of Indy, in reality, I probably pushed the invite button to about 1/6 of the people I know. Am I bragging? Well not really. You'll know when I am. It will be much more obvious :).<br />
<br />It got me to thinking. We need to be doing this - like once a month. Why? Because it's important. Sure, we all have our professional/technical networks but really, <strong>
<em>limiting ourselves</em>
</strong> to a silo of like-minded professionals like ourselves is kind of <strong>dangerous</strong>.<br />
<br />If you've been around long enough, you've seen the profession go through a lot of ups and downs. You can be THE MOST EXCELLENT PM and still, be out of a job for a significant part of the time. <br />
<br />Almost every job/interview that I've gone through over the past ten years has been not because of the <strong>Monsters</strong> or <strong>Hotjobs</strong> of the world. They've been because someone knew me - they knew my work ethics, they knew my integrity, and they passed me on to friends of friends of friends. In the end, my most rewarding positions have come because of this process - not from the <strong>Monsters</strong> or <strong>Hotjobs</strong>.<br />
<br />About two months ago, I went through an exercise with my friend Leo where we played <strong>Six Degrees of Separation</strong>. <em>
<u>Sidenote: I'm looking for a website - not a dating site - a website which would allow us to be able to create an ongoing spider-like network to show how we all know each other. If you know of such a site, please email me at </u>
<a href=""></a>.<br />
<br />Basically, he and I were comparing notes on who we knew and how. In the short-time we spent on this exercise, we probably found 50-60 people we had in common. I took him to lunch that day to meet someone who I had met only seven months prior. It turns out that they had a TON of people in common (even though they didn' t know each other).<br />
<br />So I think it's imperative that we do this networking on a monthly basis. The only expectations are that we'll make new contacts, learn new things, laugh a lot, and not worry about butt-kissing because really, none of us are in a position to warrant butt-kissing. We're good people, trying to make a small difference in the world, holding different positions, at different companies. We're the kind of people we want to work with, regardless of the capacity.<br />
<br />In the end - as I'm always saying - everything comes down to relationships. Call it networking (in a non-butt-kissing way) if you must.<br />
<br />KFHTaking a Pragmatic Approach to Project Management - aka Getting It Done Right In The Real World</div><p><div class="blogdisclaim"><a href="">This post originally appeared on an external website</a></div>

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by kristinafh In reply to Pragmatic Project Managem ...

<div xmlns="">If I had a nickle for every time an organization got caught up in templates/forms/processes, I'd be a rich girl, lounging somewhere on the beach, eating my bon bons, and have at least a dozen manservants waiting on me 24/7.<br />
<br />TFP's (as I will refer to them hereon out) are nothing but a means to an end. They are not the be all - end all of a project. Your project should be about <em>actually delivering something</em>. I know, a completely foreign concept to some.<br />
<br />I'm going to take on a very ambitious tasks - I'm going to start compiling links to TFP's, uploading actual ones that I have found useful, and generically, just building a FREE library for us real PM's to use. <br />
<br />Feel free to contribute and/or request something specific - I'll make sure to bump that up in priority.<br />
<br />Why in the world would I put a library together like this and then make it accessible to the world? Because. Information sharing is a no-brainer. The one with the most TFP's does not WIN.<br />
<br />So, let's focus our energy on the real work, use a TFP as a means to the end, and stop spending so much energy on superificial things...<br />
<br />KFHTaking a Pragmatic Approach to Project Management - aka Getting It Done Right In The Real World</div><p><div class="blogdisclaim"><a href="">This post originally appeared on an external website</a></div>

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