Prblem: no format, do you wish to format? har drive

By nquique ·
I have a western digital 500 GB HD the problem stated last week, I cannot access my information, there is a lot!. The drive appears in my computer but when I try to open it says that there disk is not formatted and if I wish to format the drive. I have try the WD diagnostics and it say nothing is wrong.
I have been looking in the internet and a lot of places tell me to format the drive and then buy software to recover the information.
I have the information in there should I format the drive?
What I can do to recover the files?
Is there a way I can fix so I do not have to format the drive?



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What does...

by scott_heath In reply to Prblem: no format, do you ...

The Windows Disk Management utility say about the drive? Did you do anything like convert it to dynamic, encrypt it, resixe a partition, etc...?

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Disk Managmet

by nquique In reply to What does...

Disk 1
465.76 GB


I didn?t do anything to the disk, I turn it off without disconnecting first.

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I agree with the other posters...

by scott_heath In reply to Disk Managmet

Do not format. Try a trial data recovery tool to see what you can get back. I like Ontrack's Easy Recovery Pro and have used it numerous times in the past to recover data.

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Do Not Format

by willcomp In reply to Prblem: no format, do you ...

Do not format the drive.

Am I correct in assuming that this is an external USB drive?

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Externa USB

by nquique In reply to Do Not Format

Yes is a external hard drive, is USB, Is My Book Home edition, 500 GB,

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by willcomp In reply to Do Not Format

You may need to attach drive to an internal SATA or IDE connector, but give GetDataBack a try first. It has a free trial.

Apparently XP is trying to access disk in RAW mode. Your data is probably still intact.

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OK first thing to prevent this happening again you need

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Prblem: no format, do you ...

To turn off the USB drive by using the Safely Remove Option on the Start Bar.

I do not like the idea of formating the drive as the chances of loosing data are too great but some of the available software that can be used to recover your data is expensive and some Data Recovery Programs require a Formatted HDD to work from.

When doing any Data Recovery Work Never Write anything to the Affected Drive You run the risk of overwriting your data and making it very hard to recover and expensive as well.

There are several options available to you here and you can use any of these Software packages. I can only talk for the On Track offering as it is the only one that I use but it's also the most expensive so another package may suit your needs better.

I have heard good reports about all of these packages so look at them all and chose one that suits your needs and experience level.

The list is in not order except the way that it is stored in my Bookmarks so please look at everything listed.














The last listing for Win Hex should only be used if you are very experienced and know Hex inside out. If you do not know Hex Do Not touch Win Hex as you are far more likely to do more damage that you can fix. This is a very powerful tool that needs to be used with caution.


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What OS are you using?

by Mayhem1969 In reply to Prblem: no format, do you ...

I have seen where XP will give this message if it is not updated to SP2, because while it sees the drive it doesn't recognize the partition or the files on it and asks for a format, thinking its a new drive. As mentioned, do not format.

Also if its Vista, make sure you have the latest drivers for that device loaded.

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