Pre installed coax cable... but I need cat5!

By Lanzafame ·
Hi there,
Please could someone help me? I’m still learning about this stuff, but being broke am trying to avoid calling someone out.

I have a 30m coax cable running from a garden out-house to the front of the main property where its not currently connected to anything.

I want to get internet in the out-house so my plan was to pass the coax cable into the main property and connect the coax cable to the yellow LAN-out in back of (Vodafone) modem. This in theory will send internet to out-house. But its the wrong connection (BNC, not RJ45)

Confusingly, the outhouse has a cat6 wall box in which this coax cable is resting but obviously not attached as its the wrong box.

So - on either end I have cat5/6 connections (back of modem and garden outhouse) BUT i have a coax cable running between them.

I’ve seen simple, small adapters BNC -RJ45 but will these suffice? Any suggestions gratefully received!

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Re: adapter

by Kees_B Moderator In reply to Pre installed coax cable. ...

If I look at the available adapters and converters I get the strong impression that the cheap adapters are meant to transport video and that you need a much more expensive set to transport internet signals.

If noone here has a definite opinion, better ask the shop before you buy something.

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by rproffitt Moderator In reply to Pre installed coax cable. ...

RJ45 to COAX and back for networking is not cheap enough. At 30 meters we lay down the usual Ethernet cable and we are done.

Remember I won't detail this because it's been asked and answered thousands of times. I can't know your install issues but for me I would pick up a suitable ready to use direct burial cable and have this solved in minutes. I can bury it as I have time.

Example under 30 dollar direct burial cable

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