Pre-requisites for Mapping from a WG to a Domain server

By Foxinthebox ·

So I have to setup a simple automated file dumping process, in a .csv format.

The source machine on prem, is a PC on a workgroup, the destination machine off prem, is a VM server on a domain. The source PC can ping the VM server even though the IPs are on different ranges.

I have shared the folder that these .csv files will be dumped to, on the VM server and have turned network discovery on, on the source PC thats on the workgroup.

I've tried various credentials but still errors out saying my credentials are wrong, what am i missing please??
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Re: sharing domain to wg

by Kees_B Moderator In reply to Pre-requisites for Mappin ...

If you can't get it working, consider using ftp to transfer files from a client to the server. Ftp servers have their own security which isn't dependent on the domain administration.

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Pre-requisites for Mapping from a WG to a Domain server

by Foxinthebox In reply to Re: sharing domain to wg


Thanks for the reply, 1st prize for me however is to try and get this method to work, apparently it can without too much fuss, one just needs to ensure that all the prerequisites have been met like sharing the file and ensuring that the mappings are correct as well as using the correct credentials.
I'm thinking that its not working because of something small and silly that I've overlooked.

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Here's an issue I see a lot.

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to Pre-requisites for Mappin ...

Microsoft Windows File Shares are often blocked at the firewall and even by the ISP for safety. To do this across the web the folk I work with agree the real fix is Secure FTP. Or something over SSH.

This appears to be about a 5 minute job:

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