Precautions on Folder Redirection

By ndumbalo ·
I am planning to do Folder Redirection from Windows 2003 server (GP) for My Documents folder. There are about 24 users. The destination is going to be in our share drive T:\username1\My Documents. This folder (T:\username1\My Documents) already exists and some users have their documents in it. Also, I am supposed NOT to include this policy (folder redirection) to three users. My question is:
1. First, what are the basic precautions should I consider?
2. Is it possible to apply this policy to some of the users and leave others? They are all belonging into one Group.
3. Is T:\username1\My Documents folder going to be overwritten?
4. Any other advice I will appreciate.

Thank you in advance.

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Why GP?

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Precautions on Folder Red ...

1) I have no response.

2) With 24 users (minus the three you don't want to do), wouldn't it be faster to walk to each machine and change the My Documents properties?

3) I can't speak for GP. If you do it manually it will not be overwritten. You will be prompted to transfer any files in the local C:\Docs and Settings \ username \ My Docs to the redirected location. Even if you decline to transfer existing files, you will find new My Photos, My Music, and possibly My Video and My Ebooks folders were created on the T: whether you wanted them or not.

4) I have all my users' My Documents redirected to a network folder. You may want to consider setting each folder as a top level share (create a sharename for the folder that ends with a '$'). Instead of redirecting to T:\username \ My Docs, redirect to T:\share$. That way each user sees only their My Docs as the top level of the directory.

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I actually think

by j_most In reply to Why GP?

That it may be a good idea to use group policy as this will address growth. If at anytime the network grows, group policy will take care of the redirection. I always think it's a good idea to be as consistent as possible.

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Good idea to use My Document's properties

by ndumbalo In reply to I actually think

I tried and it works fine but probably it's better to use GP for a long term purposes, as mentioned, network growth. Also I didn't point it out, we might also do for Desktop, which I am not sure if can be done locally (from each PC). Thank you, I will try to first create two different groups for this particular purpose.

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GP is better long-term.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Good idea to use My Docum ...

I didn't know how much of a hurry you were in, or how many users you expect your network to eventually reach.

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question about this same topic

by dpeter In reply to Precautions on Folder Red ...

Is it possible to excluded a person from GP redirection? If so how?

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