Precision 390 Windows 7?

By djkyle65 ·
I have a dell Precision 390 that i want to install windows 7 on but whenever i go to install it says drive cannot be found. Dell does not list any intel matrix drivers for windows 7 only vista is there something that will work?

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You had better run the Win 7 upgrade advisor from MS.

by seanferd In reply to Precision 390 Windows 7?

To see if your system meets the requirements to install 7 at all. Obviously, Dell isn't supporting this model for Win 7, and the chip makers aren't supporting the hardware involved for Win 7. At least not yet.

Sometimes the XP or Vista drivers will work just fine. You probably need to find a HD controller driver or SATA/RAID driver and install that early in the Win 7 install process (when you see something like "press F8 to install additional drivers, if 7 does that).

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Same situation

by Beltsander In reply to Precision 390 Windows 7?

I'm in the exact same boat as you. I've tried every SATA/RAID driver I can find from both the Dell and Intel websites. The Precision 390 has the Intel 975X chipset and the Intel website has Win7 x64 drivers for the F6 install as they call it and even these don't work for me. They load ok but no hard drives are listed. I tried changing SATA mode operation in the BIOS from AHCI to ATA and still nothing.

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They install and load properly, but don't work?

by seanferd In reply to Same situation

Since they bothered to make 64-bit drivers for 7, that is disappointing.

If you choose to try and install in ATA mode, perhaps don't do the F6 driver install. Install them after 7 successfully installs, then switch back to AHCI. (Assuming you haven't tried that already.)

If nothing is working for you at all, I would pester Intel and maybe MS about it. They may need to address issues here.

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Still no luck

by Beltsander In reply to They install and load pro ...

Thanks Sean. I switched to ATA mode on the BIOS, ran Win7 setup, and still no hard drive shows up in the list. I also found a thread elsewhere suggesting I download the Intel Matrix Storage drivers for the 975X chipset and run the executable from a command prompt using the -a switch. This extracts all the files into your Program Files dir but does not run setup. I thought I was onto something but while these extracted drivers loaded ok in Win7 setup, there was STILL no hard drive listed. Frustrating indeed. For now I'll just be installing XP in the meantime.

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