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Predicting lifespan of workstations

By Ragamon ·
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Hail Friends, I find myself in the need of a 3rd party source to verify my estimates on lifespans of workstations in my place of employment. I can make educated guesses judging from historical data and stuff I know that is in the pipe. However, I find its always better to be able to refer to something other then my own guess work when dealing with the people in charge of the purse.

So, have any of you come across studies, research, articles or anything really that I can point to and answer the following:

Systems purchased today will, with some degree of variance, have sufficient hardware resources (ram, storage, processor speed, etc) to reasonably run all coming software for the next X years.

Thanks for taking the time to read and doubly so for any help!

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I work in a school and

by Sue T In reply to Predicting lifespan of wo ...

my lifespan for desktop computers is 5 years for the location they were bought for and then they move on to be loaners/spares or to areas where they are not used as much and/or critical. I buy from companies that automatically give you a 5 year warranty and they are still the same price or cheaper then other companies with 3 year warranties. For laptops for teachers and administrators the turn around is 3 years with those laptops then moving on to be used elsewhere. Student laptops are 5 year turn around and those are still used for other things after 5 years. I buy laptops with 3 year warranties. I hope this helps.

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I find it best to talk in terms that Bean Counters Understand

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Predicting lifespan of wo ...

So to that end I set the Life expediency of anything by it's Tax Write-off values and replace items when they get to the point of costing the company money by no longer being of any value to depreciate.

It may result in some hardware going out while it's perfectly functional but once it stops being of any Value and no longer can be used to save the company money at Tax Time it's useless to the business anyway.

Works for Government Departments and all Private Sector business so I find that it works for me and my needs.


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