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Joementum is back?

by jdclyde In reply to Prediction Update

I just hope that he remembers how he got to be independent. He dared do what is right, instead of toe the party line. There seems to be no greater crime for a Dem.

The party of tolerance had torn him up badly.

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A day of shame in Michigan

by jdclyde In reply to Joementum is back?

as Jen Granholm is not held accountable for the state having the single highest unemployement rate in the country. It would be even higher, but much of our work force has been evacuating the state in search of work. This leaves us with an even weaker tax base, as the workers are going to be gone.

It looks promising for the Civil Rights proposal to pass keeping anyone from being discriminated against based on the color of their skin or gender.

Also the modification to Eminent Domain to keep democrats from taking private land to build hotels to increase the tax base.

Looking at the overall count for the senate. Rep are up by two, with four seats undecided.

Looking at the congress race.
Dems are up by 31 with 128 still undecided.

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A day of shame?

by JamesRL In reply to A day of shame in Michiga ...

First off, some state has to have the highest rate. My god over 50% of states are below average!!!

I will trott out my line, that I've used before for both dems and republicans; a) the power of the state to impact economics is much more limited than you think and b) major changes don't happen in one or two terms.

To use another example, you can blame George HW Bush for the first Gulf war if you chose, but you can't blame him for the economy that he inherited or praise Clinton for the economic upturn. Larger factors were at play.

Presidents and Governors can't singlehandedly move the economy in either direction. Much depends on business, world trade and other factors that the leaders may hope to influence but can't possibly control.

Michigan's problems I am sure began long before Granholm, and will doubtless be there for some time after.

The one thing I would suggest about Michigan is a need to diversify its industrial base, and that doesn't happen over night.

As for the count, when did you post. When I went to bed, the dems were up four in the senate with 2 too close to call. Their magic number for senate control is 6.


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Last night, around 11pm

by jdclyde In reply to A day of shame?

They have a running total.

In the Senate right now, the BEST the Dems can do is TIE, as the count is 47 / 49, with two seats left. There are the two wildcard Independents that will also play a big part of the next two years.

Lieberman will be interesting to watch after the way the Dems tore him up for not being a partisan.

The highlight was the banning of "affirmative action" in government and college admisions. Civil rights now means more than black rights. It is a happy day for that at least.

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On Joe Lieberman

by maxwell edison In reply to Last night, around 11pm

Although he ran as an independent, he'll sit with the Democrats on their side of the aisle. I must say, I love the "last laugh" aspect of his situation. However, he has too much class to chuckle, and he'll do his part in mending relationships with the same Democrats who abandoned him.

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Was worst than "abandoned"

by jdclyde In reply to On Joe Lieberman

They attacked and then left him to swing in the wind.

The good thing is he had some Republicans reach out to him, and even helped him in his campain and says he will remember these people.

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Another voice of reason

by maxwell edison In reply to A day of shame?

James is absolutely correct -- on all counts.

By the way, I wonder what Chas thinks about all the Democrats who've spent tens of millions of dollars in their political races? Republicans don't have a monopoly on spending exorbitant amounts of money, either raised or personal, on political campaigns. New Jersey Governor (Democrat) Jon Corzine, for example, spent $60 million of his own money to win that race. And that's only one example.

This notion that the Republican Party is the party of the "rich", and the Democrat Party is the party of the "little guy" is the most ludicrous notion I've ever heard. Nothing could be farther removed from the truth. The people who really believe it, however, are indeed far removed from reality.

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Dangers of stereotyping

by JamesRL In reply to Another voice of reason

I know from my own political experience that things are not as simple as many people would have you beleive.

I met a gay conservative in the late 70s, who ended up as a junior cabinet minister in Ontario. He wan't "out" back then, and he and I and other conservatives didn't think his sexual preference was anybodies business. I laugh when I hear the Liberal party claim this first.

There was a long standing feelin Canada back then that Catholics were predominantlty "Liberal" and that the conservative party was more Protestant. But if you look at the two Conservative Prime Ministers in the 80s, both were Catholic. Some of the most arch conservatives in the conservative party that I've ever met were catholic.

I've met lots of silver spoon socialists. I was from a working class family and was conservative. University was intersting that way. In campaigning I learned not to judge - there were blue collar conservatives, "liberal" business leaders, it takes all kinds. Judge someone on their actions not their background.


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Good call on Joe Lieberman

by AV . In reply to Another voice of reason

I absolutely love that he came back as an Independent and won. Its a very interesting spot to be in and I'm sure he'll wear it well.

I just have to add my 2 cents about Democratic candidates not being as rich as Republicans. As a NJ citizen, I have to say that Jon Corzine bought his gubernatorial election with all his money. To date, he hasn't done sh*t for the little guy, middle-class America, and I'm not holding my breath.

I can't understand why anyone even voted for him except for maybe stupidity. Where is my property tax relief like he promised (we pay the highest in the nation)?

Today you have to be rich to be in politics no matter what your party affiliation is.

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Expect to see Lieberman catered to

by jdclyde In reply to Good call on Joe Lieberma ...

I bet both sides will be catering to him for the rest of this term.

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